This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Acts 4,11-12

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Jesus´s healed me

Ludvík Šojdr

... Jesus took away my back trouble once and for all, completely and definitely…
Jesus´s healed me


   When I was fifteen, my height was over 190cm and I began to suffer from backache.I was unable to straighten up properly for a couple of days, especially after some greater amount of exertion.We lived in the outskirts of Uherský Brod and there was a garden next to our house.Since autumn digging didn´t belong to my most favorite „sports“, I always tried to „turn over“our two are garden during one day.I even managed to do it but of course, I regularly had to pay the price for it:I was on sick leave for a few following days.I remember that because of my stiff back I stayed  twice confined to bed for all the week.Not only garden´s digging but also regular dumping of several tonnes of coal into the boiler room of our block for four families, in which we lived in Uherský Brod, made me “unfit for work“ for a few days.


   In 1987 I moved to Kroměříž where I got married.Although I managed to avoid digging the garden and dumping the coal, I started putting more intensive strain on my delicate back by repairing our family house.

At the time when I´d already had some personal experience with Holy Spirit´s gifts and God´s love, I was at the place of my friend Ivan..Together we watched the videocassettes recording of an evangelization meeting that concerned healing through GOD´S POWER.It was a sort of the meeting at which a lot of people´s backs and spines´d been cured.When the recording´d ended, we gave vent to our feelings that it´d have been nice if I´d also have received the healing like this.And while pulling bitter faces I tried to rise to my feet from the soft armchair.There was an evening and all-day digging at the construction site “undermined” my back again.Ivan asked incredulously:”What? You´ve got back trouble? Come on, we´ll pray.”I had to sit straight on the sturdy chair and stretch my legs in knees so that the my trunk and legs made a right angle.Ivan found out what I hadn´t known about up to that moment that my left leg was more than one cm shorter.Consequently, it resulted in the pain in the area of spinal discs.So, the problem could be named and Ivan started praying as in the first apostles´days.

“In the name of Jesus”he commanded tendons, muscles, bones to loosen up and my legs to lengthen.If I hadn´t experienced it personally, I would never have believed that it was possible although Bible described much bigger deeds of God´s power.Nevertheless, I saw dozens of similar healings on the video cassettes.Suddenly I could feel a blunt pressure in my knee and obviously I perceived it was happening something.I would believe that you can command devil in the name of Jesus but to command tendons and bones??? Well, the prayer´s finished, my legs allegedly straightened but it wasn´t any easier for me to rise from my chair.

On the next morning I´m standing in the bathroom and brushing my teeth. And all at once I noticed I was standing in quite a weird way.Up to that day I´d been standing on the left foot and the right one was bent in knee.As if an ostrich.Today I´ve stood firmly on both legs.Last evening flashed me back in my mind.I bend forward .- and there was no pain.I was doing my utmost to find out whether my back was resilient.I was afraid that the pain´d once come back.It didn´t.Today ( Chrismas 2002 ) More than fifteen years´ve passed since Ivan laid his hands on me and following the first apostles´ example acted as a mediator of my healing in the name of Jesus. Jesus took away my back trouble once and for all, completely and definitely…

                                                                                         In Kroměříž, Ludvík, December 2002


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