Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
Isaiah 49,15

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A bunch of flowers

Alena Dvorská

…..And she brought me to her car opened the door and there was a bucket full of nice shining daffodils that were completely identical to those that I´d given to the little nun the day before.I was amazed at what had happened… A bunch of flowers

On Saturday April 4 we got together on the occasion of the weekend meeting in Velehrad and I`d like to share with you the things that had occurred to me.I won`t write about any big spiritual experiences that all of us have certainly experienced but I`ll write about an ordinary bunch of flowers as the title has suggested.I took a bunch of daffodils along so that we felt good there.All the time it was on the table in the room where we`d spent the whole day and when we were packing up Ludvik said:”Give this bunch to the nuns”.

However, it`d be Vojta`s nameday tomorrow and I wanted it for him.Nevertheless, I felt sorry about it and said to myself that I`d buy some flowers for Vojta.Nuns will be delighted so I`m standing in the corridor with bunch and don`t know now how I`ll deliver this bunch to the nuns because in the meantime everyone has disappeared somewhere.Out of the blue the sister Josefa is standing before me – an angel personified.So, I handed the bunch over to her with great pleasure and Josefka was beaming with happiness as well as the gold bunch.On the next day, it was Sunday I remembered the bunch immediately after I woke up.

The memory of the Josefa`s lovely smile still warmed my heart and I knew I`d done a good thing.First of all, I thought I`d go to Hypernova to buy the bunch but then I realized that my good friend Jarmilka, who was taking care of her garden with pleasure, could help me and I said to myself that I`d call her as soon as possible and ask her if she didn`t have some flowers in her garden.I haven`t even called her when suddenly somebody was ringing at the door at 7:30 a.m.I`m saying to myself:”Lord, if it`s Jarmilka and is bringing me the bunch so it`d be from You.I`m looking out of the window and Jarmilka is standing outside.I was very surprised but I continued the same old story:”Lord, where is her bouquet?

”I went down and she`s telling me:”We`re going to the Mořic church.I immediately disclosed her that I`d been thinking of her since the morning and wanted to ask her if there wasn`t a bunch of flowers for our little Vojta in her garden..And she brought me to her car opened the door and there was a bucket full of nice shining daffodils that were completely identical to those that I´d given to the little nun the day before.I was amazed at what had happened.I said to myself at once how marvellously beautiful and unimaginably good Our God is.How can he show his Love to us and when he takes care of such small things in our life is it possible that he wouldn`t take care of the essential ones? Have you ever experienced a touch of God`s love? Tell the others or write about it.Let`s not forget to praise and thank constantly Our God for it.


  Alena Dvorska, Kroměříž, April2006


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