No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.
1 John 4,12

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Peace with you.My name is Jesus and I want to tell you in this way that I love you and you mean a lot to me. Maybe you don`t believe it right now but this is the whole truth: the whole world`s ruler and creator loves you and takes care of you and your life. Yes, I crave for your friendship.I crave for the mutual, personal relationship between me and you. You`ve got no idea of how much I know you.You`ve got no idea that I know completely everything about your external and internal life to the least detail.This is a precondition for me to love you entirely in a personal and concrete manner and without any conditions.

Nobody in the world can understand you better than I do.Nobody can comprehend you as much as I do because nobody in the world knows you as well as I do.The greatest desire of my heart is to take care of you and to give you in every moment the best that you need.

I love you, whether you realize it or not,whether you want or not.Although I`m omnipotent,I can`t do one thing.I can`t stop loving you.

I love you with your merits and mistakes.

I don`t love you because of your merits but with your merits.

I can`t stop loving you just because of your mistakes.I love you even with them.

I love you with your sins and with your pains that you`re taking without regard to your riches or distress.

Since I know you very well, you needn`t put on any mask as you often do in front of people.

I love you because my Father`s created you for love and it doesn`t matter at all if you know about this love or not if you cooperate with it or not.

I don`t love you because of your goodness or perfection but because that`s me who is good and perfect.

I don`t give you any condition to love you.My love is unconditional.You can do nothing at all for me to love you more and you can do nothing to love you less. I love you with all the power and strenth of the God Almighty. God that has created all the universe , everything visible and invisible, even this Earth on which you live.You can`t find on this Earth, even in the whole universe anything greater and more perfect than my love for you.

This is the basic truth about your life.

God fell in love with you and he loves you with a personal,unconditional and unchangeble love.

Love that is greater than all the visible and invisible universe.

Love that`s got the same dimension as God because God is love.

I`m love.

I love you and it can never be different.