Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
1 John 4,10

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I was cured of the addiction

Martin Rolný

I lead a dissolute life, drank a lot and smoked marihuana.I ended up in the lunatic asylum.I think I´ll make God the happiest when I give him my sins and I´ll live a good life. I was cured of the addiction
I´d like to tell you the story about how God entered in my life.I lead a dissolute life, drank a lot and smoked marihuana.It started at the secondary school when I mixed with the people who lead me astray.I began smoking and drinking.
I believed in God, was baptized but it wasn´t the real faith.I didn´t care about God.Then I scraped through the exams at the secondary school and later on I ended up in the lunatic asylum.
This hospitalization was the cause of my debauched life, alcoholism and smoking ganja.There God sent me a man who told me about Himself.He told me God is Creator, Father full of mercy and his Son is Jesus Christ.Then I started to pray or rather I was trying to pray because the prayer isn´t always easy.
Three months later, I was discharged – I was recovering and then I started to live with God.I prayed rosary, attended church and read the Christian literature.I got on the right track but I often strayed from it and went away from God.I began to drink again ( didn´t smoke marihuana anymore ).
So I lived with God on weekdays and with the sin during the weekend.Things got worse so much that I had a relapse.I wasn´t hospitalized because I believed in Jesus and prayed.You can take it from me, it helped a lot – he cured me.I stopped drinking and doing bad things and I´m faithful to God.I´m trying to live like a saint and I can tell you my life is unspeakably better.I´ve found out this disease was a blessing for me.
Who knows how I´d end up if God didn´t allow this evil.God always turns evil into something good after all.I don´t know how I shall thank him but I think I´ll make him happiest if I give him my sins and lead a good life.Jesus wants us to lead a good life, he doesn´t force us but he invites us.It´s up to us.We have to try our best and he´ll help us.
I asked Jesus to come into my life and heart.And he´s done it.I´ve experienced the peace, joy and happiness in my heart since then.It´s a wonderful feeling when the one who loves us immensly is with you and you´re feeling this love.Yeah, you´re feeling it if you aren´t living in the sin.God´s love is always the same but we can´t feel it because we´re „dressed“ in the sin and that´s why it can´t permeate through us.It´s the same case like when outside the sun is shining and we´ve got our venetian blinds drawn. There aren´t any light and heat in the room either but the sun is shining.And it´s the same with the sin.Our life is in the sin and that´s why we don´t feel God´s love.However, once we´ve regretted and confessed our sins so God´s love goes through us.We have to repent, ask for the permission and the Lord will forgive us.However, we continue to sin over and over again.
The true repentance is when we regret and try not to sin again.We have to be born again and to become a better person with Jesus´s help.Then we´ll experience the indescribable happiness, love, joy and inner peace.No one can give it to us only our Saviour Jesus Christ.I wish plenty of happiness and especially God´s blessing to all those who´ve just found the way with Jesus.Martin
Martin Rolný, March 2007

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