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Romans 6,9

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I met my true mummy

Lukáš Chytil

The Heavenly Father has plans which come up very unexpectedly.But this moment bears fruit for all your life, fruit that is so nice and tasty like the first touch and the word I love you that is recorded not only by your ears but by all your heart which fills with blissful and beautiful feeling.This beauty´ll dissolve and settle somewhere inside us.And it lasts in the same way as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit last.Forever….
I met my true mummy
My true mother left me after the birth in the maternity hospital and then ran away.They sent me to the children´s home in Most where a staff member took a fancy to me and I´d been staying at her place for one year and a half.Later on, other parents adopted me.They baptized me but I was different.Stronger and darker.Quicker than others and I didn´t cry.I was cold.I was perfoming magic and occultism for 13 years.One of the priests learned of it, performed parts of exorcism over me and cut me off from my family roots.Then I´d gone to pray Hail Mary with a nun when Virgin Mary revealed herself to me.At that moment I started crying and I was crying for two nights.It was only then when I came to know mummy.Our mummy and mummy of the light.  

                                                     Lukáš Chytil,November 2008


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