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My Lord, I want to win in lottery

Ignác Mucha

My Lord, I´d like to win a packet in lottery next Wednesday.Could you help me with it? Yours faithfully My Lord, I want to win in lottery
I´m glad you´ve turned to me because you´ve got your place in my heart and I still enjoy being in touch with you!
And now let´s talk about your request.If you want to subsidize the employment,salaries and building palaces in the betting “industry“ and experience a little thrill during Wendesday evening drawing so don´t hesitate to bet.Unfortunately, don´t expect any help from me.I don´t usually intervene in the course of life.
However, according to the statistical calculation you´re more likely to be struck by lightning than winning a considerable amount of money.I recommend you invest your means in a wiser manner.But you have to decide by yourself - There´s no accounting for tastes.
You know, if you win in lottery that´s great but your happiness and fulfilment don´t depend directly on it.I´d rather recommend you look for happiness and fulfilment not immediately in “big things“ but rather try to find the treasure in your own life, in your heart and in your occupation.Lamentably, many people are still looking elsewhere where the grass is greener and that´s why they don´t find the nice things that lie at their feet and are made to their measure.So first if you don´t find the happiness in your own life and heart I warrant you that you won´t experience it no matter how big packet of money you win….
Whether you win or not
I wish you peace in your heart
I root for you in your journey through life
I keep my fingers crossed on you and look forward to seeing you!
Your G.
P.S.I attach another quotation that has fallen just on this fifth week in the desk calendar Small messages from Vojtěch Kodet 2008:
Your happiness isn´t necessarily connected with the amount of your bank account:
Whoever can understand, understand it!“
Ignác Mucha, February 2008, borrowed with the kind permission of the Internet server www.ví




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