For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3,16

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Whoever invokes the Lord´s name will be saved

Lenka a Jozef Škardovi

This psychotronic also used the name of Jesus and I heard the word „prayer“ for the first time.I followed this guy with all my fervour moved virgula and became his follower. Soon afterward, there was a problem because this man died of the sickness he´d talked about he´d been cured by God. Whoever  invokes the Lord´s name will be saved
We´d like to share with you the testimony about Jesus Christ´s power.How he intervened in our lives and became the Lord and Saviour according to what was written: “Whoever invokes the Lord´s name will be saved.
Josef: I was born within an atheist family in Košice.My parents were trying to bring me up to respect common moral principles and become a man of good address. They also urged me to continue my education and study languages.My father had a very difficult life, but still he was kind-hearted and friendly.He set me a very good example during all my youth.When I was 17 , I started having crooked back trouble and it was then when I came to know about a psychotronic who was said to be able to heal.I was very impressed by the fact that there´s also something spiritual apart from the material world.He also used the name of Jesus and I heard the word „prayer“ for the first time.I followed this guy with all my heart moved virgula and became his follower.Soon afterward, there was a problem because this man died of the sickness he talked about he´d been cured by God.He also said my father´s heart was all right but two years later he´d died of the heart attack.All my trust fell to pieces and I didn´t know where I should seek God.
My mother gave me an English bible and I was impressed by the fact that God let know himself to those who were looking for him.Once I closeted myself at a party and I said:“Jesus, if you are the Jewish Messiah, let me know you“.
I was filled with the unspeakable peace.I was very happy and read Bible every day.As I´m of Jewish origin, my father was afraid of the persecution and made me baptize against my will.I didn´t resent him because I understood what he´d gone through in Holocaust. I asked a priest how to get to heaven.When he´d told me about the purgatory, I preferred not to speak for the two successive days in order not to sin anymore but I finally argued with my parents.
The priest didn´t even manage to explain to me what´d happened when I prayed Jesus.I was fed up with all this again, threw the Bible away and lead a sinnful life.
After the school leaving exam, I completed a study visit in the U:S.where I´d come across a Christian who told me that at that time during the prayer I´d been reborn and Jesus´d come
to my heart. I received the Holy Spirit´s baptism on my eighteenth birthday.It was my nicest birthday present.I became involved in the John Osteen´s charismatical congregation and I was very happy.
 The sudden heart attack of my father made me return to Slovakia.But I couldn´t find any congregation of this kind here.I finished to study the veterinary medicine in Košice and I
started studying medicine in the Czech Republic in Olomouc.I´d visited Israel before and I prayed at the Wall of the Wailing for the church that I should attend. In Olomouc I met my present sister in the Lord Olivii Garvatskou, who´d invited me to Prostějov´s congregation but I was more like a guest there.
When Prostějov´s congregation joined the Christian community Grace, the missionary and the present pastor of Olomouc´s congregation Martin Mazúr came from Slovakia.He inspired me to work for God and I got enthusiastic about the Lord again.I noticed in his life how much he was able to sacrifice and I was deeply touched when it came to the preaching of the gospel.
He also encouraged me to pray for my future wife.There was a girl called Lenka who came to an Alfa course.She was the fulfillment of my prayers.She became my wife in a year´s time.She gave birth to little Lenička and she´s expecting little boy Jozífek nowdays.I thank my Lord that he´s able to satisfy every our need according to his wealth in the glory of Jesus Christ.I´m very honoured to preach gospel in Olomouc ( I´m in the charge of showing slides and street evangelization ) because it´s the sign of God´s power to all those who belive.It´s really true whoever invokes Lord from all his heart will be saved and will receive a happy full- value life.I wish all those who´re seeking God and the truth about the spiritual life to invoke the name of Jesus and the answer´s gonna come soon.Jesus is faithful, he´ll never disown you, he´ĺl never give you up.
MUDR. et MVDR. Josef Škarda
Lenka: I was also born in an atheist family in which, although they didn´t believe in God, were interested in star signs and horoscopes.But my parents were pragmatic and reasonable, so I was trained to use my head while making decisions.I didn´t believe in horoscopes.Once my granny gave me a child´s Bible and I began to believe in God.However, it contained only the Old Testament so I knew only God the Father, Jesus was a mere human for me.I prayed especially when I was in tight spot and I prayed for the forgiveness of my sins.According to my theory – the more I repented and grieved about my sins, the more I could be purified.Before my conversion, God intervened in my life, especially in England where I´d worked as an au pair girl.
A friend of mine invited me to the traditional protestant church.At the end of the meeting the pastor prayed for the people when he´d placed his hands upon me I felt marvellous God´s touch.After coming back to the Czech Republic I forgot about it, I started being interested in this world, friends, hobbies.I wanted to have a happy family.My boyfriend was highly intelligent and moral man.He was living according to the eastern philosophies and I gradually started to adapt myself to his views.Both of us were studying, as for me I was in Olomouc.My boyfriend´s fellowstudent told him about God and persuaded him that only life with God could make you happy because you were created by God so that you could live for him.My friend bombarded me with questions what the sense of my life was.I always said ¨“family“.Finally, I had to admit that it wasn´t enough for life.
I started believing in God and in his love again.I began to discuss the meaning of life with the people in Olomouc, asked them a lot of questions but all of my believers – friends weren´t able to give me any sensible answers.Then I ran into Terka Sušilová from the Christian community.She was able to answer all my questions quoting Bible but I didn´t agree with a lot of things and wanted to prove the contrary.But the pieces of the puzzle fit in  each other and her statements couldn´t be refuted.
However, I didn´t like the fact that she always called Jesus „The Lord“.Finally, I accepted an invitation for the Alfa course about the fundamentals of the Christianity and spoke several times with the pastor who made me „call to Jesus“ although I haven´t believed in Him.God touched me again during the prayer and the faith came back to my heart that Jesus was God, the Son of the Father who I´d already known.I was filled with the peace and a great joy.I immediately started to preach gospel among my school fellows and that´s why I sometimes met with a condemnation.But after some time two of my schoolmates converted ( one of them was my biggest adversary ) which was perhaps the biggest testimony for the others that God really exists.I appreciated it very much.My boyfriend also converted and became involved in the congregation near his native town where he served the Lord with love.Yet God soon let me know that I should marry Josef who really pop the question after a few months.I´m very pleased with our family and ( soon ) two children.I started serving in my congregation by showing slides in the student hostel and making posters.Although I was noted for my stage fright and wasn´t able to speak before the people, thanks God I preached gospel without difficulties even before fifty students.My pregnancy came in the middle of my evangelization activity in the student hostel so now I´m learning to serve God as a mother.
I expect what changes are going to happen in my life because I´d love to serve God more.I´m happy about our congregation, our pastor.I´m glad that new people are converting.I thank God that he drew me to himself and changed my life and that He cares about me, although there´s still much to be changed.I thank Him that I no longer need to grieve about the forgiveness of my sins but the forgiveness is free thanks to the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ who´s become my Lord and Saviour.I also wish the same thing to everybody who´s looking for the truth and meaning and object in his life!
MUDR et MVDR.Josef Škarda, Lenka Škardová July 2008           This testimony was borrowed with the kind permission of,

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