Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him.
Romans 6,9

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Unforgettable encounter with Jesus

Jan Boštík

I hit the surface without any control, at once I broke the fourth,the fifth and the sixth cervical vertebra and damaged my spinal cord.I became paralysed in a sec and was unable to move any part of my body. Unforgettable encounter with Jesus
I went to swim in the river Orlice v Týništi n.O.I went there with my schoolfellow Milan who was spending his holiday at my place.In those days I was 17 years and I studied at the technical college in Hradec Králové.My parents´d told me that morning to go and fetch some screws and other things that were needed.
I didn´t obey their wish, I took my bike and “got away” with my friend.We wanted to go to see a girl who we´d met at the summer flicks last night.We made a plan to go for a swim in the river where we used to go.So we stopped at the river and went to dive “jack-knife dives”into the water.My friend was the first to dive and then he went to lie down on the bank where he probably fell asleep.I went and stood on the edge of the bank / roughly less than 3 metres of height / and I was about to dive…..
All of a sudden I could feel in my mind “strong sensation” that I shouldn´t dive and immediately after that I could feel in my mind unknown “strong sensation / thought” which on the contrary “lead” me to dive……….
Both sensations struck me as very weird.I couldn´t understand it and didn´t take any notice of them.I decided to dive so-called “difracted dive”. It looks as follows…During diving your body is as if it were broken back and you´re bent back.I probably made a mistake. I failed to dive, I slipped and  fell to much forward.I hit the surface without any control because I haven´t held out my hands straight before myself. The savage impact on the surface of water brought about immediate crushing/ breaking of my fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebra and damaging my spinal cord.I became paralysed in a sec and was unable to move any part of my body.
Suddenly I could feel I´m crouched motionlessly in the position of “ a suitcase”.I found out that I was slowly going down on my back to the bottom./ the depth of approximate 3 metres./ At that time I could feel  huge need of “instinct of self – preservation.”I wanted so much to move my hands and feet in order to swim up and save myself.It didn´t work at all.I was completely paralysed .I couldn´t move my hands and feet – couldn´t move anything.The surface slowly closed over me.I could see the dim sky over me and gradually my body went down.
It was a terrible and intense feeling of despair.The moment arrived in which I knew I was having last bubble of air and I´d have to breathe water and die.I opened my mouth to breathe in.When I´d done it I said to myself the “game” was up.After my body´d become paralysed, my breathing muscles were also paralysed and “the blessing in disguise” was the fact that water hadn´t got into my lungs.I knew I had to die.I was scared.I didn´t feel like dying because I didn´t know what would follow.I didn´t know anything about death.I didn´t know how death was going.Nobody´s ever talked to me about it and I wasn´t “ready”.
I don´t know how to describe this moment of death in my words.I expected death to be something like switching on and off the light.Just “click” and it´s over.It was just a sec, maybe less and I died.I thought I´d feel nothing more and would black out.However, something else´s happened.My soul abandoned the body.I didn´t know what was happening.I didn´t get drown although I was under the water and without air.I found out I was “alive” though as a matter of fact I was dead and I wasn´t under the water anymore.Suddenly I found out I was in an unknown space.I looked down behind me and my dead body was lying on the left side of the bottom of the river.When looking at my body I knew it´d been mine and I´d “ dwelt”in it.The strange thing was that I´d been indifferent to it..I wasn´t in need of saving and bringing it back to life.I couldn´t understand at all what was happening.I didn´t understand why I wasn´t dead…..
Suddenly I started going down into a sort of “black space, tunnel”without wanting it and controling it.There I found out I could feel completely normal like Boštík Jan,both psychologically and mentally.I thought normally, I reasoned, I had feelings- I could feel all my identity, I just didn´t have my physical body.After a moment I found myself in a huge “pink-yellow space”…….
I experienced I´d already been here once and it was here where my “home” was.It was a clear and beautiful feeling.I was feeling fine and satisfied there.I kept on thinking normally and I recalled my parents who would look for me but I didn´t mind because I wanted to stay here and it was right here where my home was….It was very strong.
I was alone there, didn´t see anybody.All of a sudden I had a feeling there was somebody there.I turned back and there was a giant light in the shape of the human figure.It blazed a lot.At that time I was a classic atheist who adored motorbikes, metal music and girls.I´ve never heard anything about God, Christianity or who Jesus Christ was and is.During communist regime this topic had never been talked about at school.
Nowdays a lot of young people know about it and although they aren´ t believers, so they´ve heard about Jesus Christ. At home my parents´d never spoken about God.
I turned round to the light and in that moment a very strange thing happened.When just looking at the light I KNEW at once it was JESUS CHRIST! It was a mystery.I knew as well I was there at home and it was Jesus Christ without having known it before.Even a minute ago I hadn´t had the faintest idea about him.
Suddenly this light Jesus Christ ( he´s known me!) seized me and I experienced something very unexpected but beautiful.He gathered me in his arms,rocked me and hugged me as if I were a small baby.It was very intimate.I found out I wasn´t drowned in water but in his infinite LOVE and goodness.I´ ve never EXPERIENCED such a FEELING before and I think I don´t experience it either at present or probably in the future.I´ll see it again in heaven.I “LOVED” motorbikes and chicks here on earth.Nowdays I LOVE my wife, cars, food and perhaps sex.NEVERTHELESS, NOTHING OF THESE THINGS can be COMPARED at the very least with the LOVE  Jesus Christ showed me in heaven.Each of us knows thousands of words,ideas, feelings but I don´t know the word that could express that feeling of his UNCONDICIONAL love.I´m just trying to describe it to you but it´s only 30%.
Jesus went off in a moment and left me there alone.Out of the blue I imagined a few instants from my present life ( mostly negative).Jesus came back and I could guess His question: “What do you wanna say? How do you wanna defend your life….” – then he was gone again.At that moment I´d experienced the worst feeling of all my past and present life.It sounded like a simple question.But I suddenly found out I didn´t have any answer to it.It was strange and humiliating, no answer,feeling or thought, I´ve ever experieced, could fill up the answer to this question of blazing light of Jesus Christ.I was feeling like a NONENTITY and my only answer was silence.When this gloomy silence´d passed, I decided to stay.I was feeling fine and terrifically wonderful there.
I decided to proceed futher.I walked in the direction where the space was split up into a sort of two direction.I didn´t think about direction I´d walk in.Suddenly I could feel Jesus Christ telling me: stop, go backYour time hasn´t come yet.I didn´t obey this announcement and wanted to go further.But Jesus Christ repeated this statement again and with full authority (it was impossible to contradict him).He took me with a special strength and brought me back to my body.
There I was drowned out of water by my friend and I was again in my body.I felt pain of my broken spinal cord and disappointment about the fact I couldn´t stay there.
What followed next?
Later on I was struggling with putting my life and body back in order.I started working and living again “in a different way”.I craved for going back to “heaven”.That´s why I began looking for “golden mean”between a mixture of different religions and schools of thoughts.
But it hasn´t existed in those days either nowdays .I was looking for it in the occultism ( spiritism, mysteries, eastern philosophy, mysticism and others…) However, even there wasn´t the logic of thing and that beautiful uncondicional love of Jesus Christ.I met people who were proselytising God is a cosmonaut and lots of other dubious information f.e.reincarnation.I haven´t met any Christian who´d shown me the way back to heaven Although my life was completely different and more valuable but I wanted to reunite that light – Jesus Christ.Nevertheless, I knew that there´s life after death,love is more important than anything material, so my heart was still old.I´ve been inclined to the selfishness and evil things.I felt I needed a change.Something real, something different than only friends,money and women…..Shortly after, a girl invited me to a youth Christian group.They were singing, playing games, praying and had in their eyes and in themselves something more than me.There I met their leader who was studying maths and physics at that time.He was nice and well educated.Actually he was the first person who I took into my confidence and I told him the whole story about my encounter in heaven.He told me lots of things, that I´d gone through, were written in Bible.It was a pleasant shock.He said I couldn´t go back to heaven as it´d happened during the accident but it could work otherwise and I´d be able to see Jesus Christ again.He explained to me I should say a simple prayer and I should tell him to make me know him and to come into my everyday life and to change my life for the better.I was cautious. I borrowed Bible from him and at home I commenced reading the New Testament.I read the passages he spoken me about.During approximately two weeks, I´ve become aware of the fact that everything was logical and these were good things.It was written there a human being should opt for either hell or heaven.I´ve already known heaven and I´ve wanted to return there.It was written there are two ways – narrow and wide one.( heaven and hell ).It was written there´s an eternal life and the eternity begins just after your death.It was written God loves everybody with uncondicional love…I saw one thing after another that I´d experienced it before.I came to know Jesus the Bible speaks about is the same one that appeared to me and loved me so much.
Out of the blue everything´s started changing within me and after some timid prayers I felt a peculiar “presence”in my heart.It was Jesus Christ´s presence who I recognized in the experience of the clinical death.Each day I talked to him during my prayers.I started telling him absolutely everything.Since that moment I´ve never been alone and I´ve found heaven again.I´ve become an official Christian.I was baptised, started reading Bible and going to mass.It´s been over my head up to now why I used to mock at Christianity before, when in fact, it´s so good thing.However, the most important thing was my experience fit in the mosaic of life when I was reading Bible …..I got to know the crossroads ( to the left and to the right like to the heaven and to the hell ) I got to know the concept of eternity, I came to know uncondicional love of God and His project with people, I got to know my sins and wickedness.I came to believe that only Jesus ( according to Bible ) is the only way for whom wanna go back to God. Since that moment I´ve been the happiest one, I´ve known where I´ll go after my death ( provided that I remain faithful to Jesus ) and I´d never change back.It´s dawned on me that everything´s gonna end one day but then the eternity´ll set in and just one sec after your death may be to late for you to think over the place to go.

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