Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
Isaiah 49,15

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Under the yoke of occultism

Zdeňka Zelená

Suicidal thougths were coming to my mind.When I walked around the river something whispered to me: jump into the water and you´ll be free. When a lorry passed by I was tempted to it.
Under the yoke of occultism
Strange things´ve started happening in my life. I was very tired and it got worse and worse.I´ve begun to lose zest for life.I was physically and mentally uneasy.Suicidal thoughts were coming to my mind.When I walked around the river something whispered to me: jump into the water and you´ll be free.When a lorry passed by I was tempted to it.I didn´t do it just because of my three children.There were really difficult struggles at that time. The life became unbearable for me.
The root
In the place where I worked I met a boy who had done yoga exercises.He invited me to his friends´ place and promised me to find what I was looking for: friendship, love and understanding.In addition to that, I could learn how to do yoga exercises that help me to get rid of various physical problems.I began to attend yoga exercises regularly and I did them even at home.Once in a week I went to a nearby town, where there was a trained yoga instructor.I felt very happy among my friends and I thought: that´s it!
The sense of the life
Finally I found in my life what I was looking for.Suddenly, after a relaxing exercise I managed to leave my body.My yoga instructor told me: I must tell you, you´re perfect!Many people have been exercising this for many years and you´ve managed it so soon.You´ll become unsurpassable if you exercise according to my instructions.There´re outstanding abilities in you and you don´t have the faintest idea about them.Devote all your life to it, work on it and the world´s going to lie at your feet.
Shortly after, I took part in the training,where there were some yoga exercises.They taught us how to search the geopathogenic zones, find water,determine lucky and unlucky days by the dates of birth,clairvoyance,vaticination, palmistry, chiromancy and so on.Gradually we started practising it all.First,I needed different things: spirals, pendula and stuff like that but later,I used only my hands.I found out I was very sensitive to it.
On the third day of my stay the head of our team took me aside and told me:”You know what? Gods´ve revealed to me you`re a chosen one.You don`t have to accept it but I`d like you to be initiated.We meet in a very narrow circle.There`s a huge potential of energy in you.I have never experienced anything like this.You could even heal the people.”I was amazed.I said to myself: There are so many sick persons.I´m going to help them and they´ll like me.
Under the yoke of occultism
After my return home, I handed over to the members of my group everything that I drew.Shortly after, some of them began to show the clairvoyance and vaticination.

The boy,who brought me, has got the spirit of clairvoyance inside him.One day we were sitting and talking to one another.All of a sudden he said a car was coming here and mentioned the names of the people who were inside.In a moment these people really turned up.

He has no difficulty in seeing through the walls or peeping in at other places.Some of us started seeing different things and were able to see the future.I began to see radiation that had come out of the people.I managed to determine the illness according to the colour of aura or I diagnosed the illness through the pendulum.I was mistaken only few times. One day even the spirit appeared and told us that the end of the world was coming.
Spiritual fight
At that time I was suffering from chronical bronchitis.My physician sent me to the spa.On a Sunday I went to church.Some youngsters were singing the Christian songs there.Especially one song made so great impression on me that I cried and asked God in spirit to change my life according to the lyrics as well.After the mass I made friends with them and asked for the lyrics of that song.They invited me to their place.For the first time I´ve heard speaking about Jesus in a so special and nice manner.They told me how Jesus had changed their lives.I was feeling happy with them.We exchanged addresses and occasionally wrote to each other.
The end of the world
Taking into account that many things which the clairvoyants of my group had foretold came true I really believed the end of the world was coming.I wrote about it to my spa Christian friends because they were very closed to me.I wanted them to know about it as well.I wrote everything even my experience with my group.They wrote me back a very nice letter.They didn´t criticize,they didn´t reproach for doing that.They just wrote me a couple of passages from Bible.They explained me Bible is God´s word for people.They wanted me to read and think about these passages.They warned me what I was doing isn´t in compliance with Bible,that´s why, it didn´t come from God.It´s written in the Bible nobody, except God, knows when the end of the world is coming.I decided to tell my group about it.I underlined the passages in Bible to which my attention was drawn.My group didn´t accept it. They were stubborn and claimed that were chosen by God and this word doesn´t concern them.This is intended just for those who aren´t gifted with special abilities.They managed to convince me.

During that night I experienced something that I wouldn`t like anybody to go through.Different beings appeared to me, something strangled me, I could hear distinct voices that threated me on one hand and on the other hand promised me something.In the morning I wanted to go to work but I was so weak that I wasn`t able to get out of bed.I felt sick and started losing consciousness.I had a sensation of burning inside.Two days before this happened I`d begun to smell a kind of disgusting smoke that nobody else around me could smell.It crossed my mind that it was connected with the powers that had helped me in the past and then they were attacking me.

Help in the nick of time

I was very worried.I started praying.I asked God for help.Suddenly I lost my eyesight, everything was dark.I thought I was about to die.I kept falling.I felt terribly unwell and wanted to vomit.I felt severe pain inside me.All my body was burning.I had a kind of unpleasant feeling as if I was falling into the abyss and had nothing to catch hold of.I screwed up even my mouth being unable to talk.I called in spirit to God: “ God, vergive me and look after my children,don`t punish them for my wrongdoing,don`t lay the blame on them.”
I asked Jesus not to send my soul to hell but to take it to heaven.It happened something strange that was difficult to describe.I had a sensation of someone hugging me.Unpleasant fall stopped but still I was in the darkness.Then I went up and I didn´t know for a while where I was.Gradually all the attacks ceased.It came home to me that God´d rescued me.
In the cinema they were showing movie Jesus that ended with a prayer.I believed that Jesus Christ died for me, rose from the dead and can really help me.I asked him to change and guide my life.God heard my prayer.I received much more than I was able to imagine – the gift of the eternal life.My life belongs to him nowdays.
You may be also under the yoke of the occult powers, you are taking an interest in the clairvoyance,palmistry, vaticination, esoteric,magic, astrology,spiritism,parapsychology and other practices.Don`t make light of my experience.I wouldn`t like anybody to go through what I did.Don`t hesitate to ask Jesus Christ to enter your life and set you free.Only he`s got the power.Only he can help you.Jesus died on the cross for your sins.He rose from the dead so that whoever believes in him ,shall not perish but have eternal life in heaven.Jesus loves you.
Zdenka Zelena, June 2004

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