Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Revelation 3,20

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To have God´s love in your heart

Kopečná Marie

But there was pride, selfishness and envy in my heart. I didn´t realize that I was doing lots of things that God didn´t want from me and that actually I was doing everything on my own but I didn´t ask at all whether it was his will. To have God´s love in your heart
I haven´t experienced anything like the course Filip for long.I thank God and all those who got round to coming here.I´ve read testimonies from the course Filip several times and I´m of the same opinion because I´d met living Jesus at this course.
I was looking forward to this course quite a lot but it exceeded all my expectations.My first experience was from the drive to Vranov.I´ve planned to drive from Vyškov to Vranov via Blansko.In Jedovnice I saw the bend to Adamov and I remembered Adamov being close to Vranov so, I decided to go this way.I was very surprised by the beautiful scenery surrounding this road.It was quite a sight as there was foliage turned red, woods and mountaneous region all around me.The gorgious stream flowed in one location and I completely felt the presence of God and I knew I was going to cleanse my soul.There wasn´t much traffic there and I met a car after a long time so I could pray and perceive the celestial beauty around me.After arriving at Vranov I retained this feeling  since the spiritual centre and the church are located in the magnificent spot.
The organizers gave us a very warm welcome and when I´d seen so many fantastic young people I rejoiced.The Spirit of joy and peace of mind wafted at me and I seemed to be in a different world in the spiritual centre.I kept being in this mood as there was another suprise in my room – my roommate who I considered as my guardian angel.
In 2000 I converted to God as I was down in the mouth.I didn´t know how to go on in my life.I pleaded God to help me.God heard my prayers and started to help me.I experienced His presence in the form of immense love in my heart and it defied all descriptions.Whoever experienced it knew what I was talking about.I loved so much that it´s beyond imagination.I could feel this love for three days and then it suddenly started to fade and things in my heart were as they used to be.
I thanked God, Holy Mary and I wanted to please them more and more and to deserve this grace that I´d received.I started going to church more regularly to pray more and I thought I had to change but I always ran into some obstacles and trouble.I was desperate. But there was pride, selfishness and envy in my heart. I didn´t realize that I was doing lots of things that God didn´t want from me and that actually I was doing everything on my own but I didn´t ask at all whether it was his will.I hadn´t realized this fact until I was at the course Filip.
I´ve never heard so clearly that Jesus loves me with my sins and he waits for me to invite him to my heart and surrender my life over to him.Only at the course Filip.It was very liberating for me to declare my sinfulness to Jesus in front of others. Then, I felt a great peace in my heart.This peace goes on and I´m still feeling God´s presence.I´m also happier and happier and when there is a cloud I immediately return to the course Filip and plead Holy Spirit to come to me and the feeling of peace in my heart is fantastic.I wish every person experienced it.
Everything is so amazing at this course that nothing can be reproached nor changed.The great joy, with which the lectures were given, was very encouraging for me because it´s really living Jesus and Holy Spirit who acted here and after returning home I experienced again the great love in my heart as a few years back – and I was happy.I also experienced God´s presence inside the chapel during the personal adoration and during invoking Holy Spirit.I was overjoyed and the tears of happiness ran down my face because I experienced the great God´s love.I also came to know how important it is to live within the congregation.I can´t ever experience the closeness of God on my own.I found out that this is exactly what I´ve been looking for for such a long time – to be in some congregation and in the closeness of the people who have experience with living Jesus.  

                     Marie Kopečná, January 2008  



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