Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him.
Romans 6,9

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The picture of Jesus fell on me…

Zlata Agbabová

The picture of Jesus fell on me….. The picture of Jesus fell on me…

I´m 44 years old and I´ve been a believer since my childhood.Naturally, in my adolescence I wasn´t guided and supported in my faith.Although I believed in God, I wasn´t a practising Christian at all.The Lord was in my heart but I was blind and deaf so I didn´t perceive his calling.


One morning before I woke up the big picture of Jesus Christ, who sweated blood, fell on me and this fall split my lips.It occured to me immediately that the Lord was calling me.He was calling me to him through my blood so that I could work in his vineyard and work together on the salvation of the souls to the Divine Mercy.I thank You, Lord of all of us for the graces and crosses you give me.I love you, my Lord.I haven´t experienced any course.I think the Lord gives me the right moments when the right time comes for me.For example, this course Filip.Every year I experience – perceive my faith, various graces and crosses more profoundly.At this course I experienced that the Holy Spirit was so indescribably present in my heart.And nowdays I carry these crosses in my humdrum life more easily because the Holy Spirit helps me have peace and love, peace and good every day.Jesus is living.Jesus, I trust You.

Zlata Agbabová, Hustopeče u Brna, October 1998



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