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The master of the nice word

Radovan Lukavský

I´ve never doubted about God.The faith was natural for me.It was what was of paramount importance in my life.Joy, order and conviction that God is with me. The master of the nice word
The master of the nice word
Radovan Lukavský is one of the prominent personality of our dramatic art.He is a movie, Tv and theatre actor.He´s inherited this aptitude to the dramatic art from his mummy who as a young woman had already played in the amateur company of Viennese Czechs in Vienna and later in the amateur company in Prague.
Shortly before the second world war Radovan Lukavský was admitted in the philosophical faculty.After that in 1939 the Nacists had closed the universities he started studying in the conservatory.He was in “Totaleinsatz“ in Germany during the WW2.After the end of the war he finished his university studies and at the same time the conservatory.He took part in founding the theatre DISK.Until 1957 he worked in the City theatre in Vinohrady and in the Prague City theatre and then became a member of theatre company of the National theatre.
As an actor he was famous especially for his perfect voice and Lukavský´s pedagogical activity is important as well ( conservatory, DAMU, FAMU ).In March 1997, he was awarded the prize of Thalia for lifelong stage mastery.At the age of 85 he wrote his autobiographic book together with his “Dialogues with my grandfather“ which had been published in autumn 2005.Short time ago, we could hear the gripping dialogue of Anna Štěpánková with Radovan Lukavský broadcast by the Radio Proglas out of which we took out:
What have been the meaning of faith in Your life, professor?
I´ve never doubted about God.The faith was natural for me.It was what was of paramount importance in my life.Joy, order and conviction that God was with me.In such a spiritual community with God I´ve never felt alone up to now.
 My mummy comes from Bystřice pod Hostýnem and was a humble and firm believer.She lead me and my two little sisters on the way towards God and prayers.When she´d got me ready for school said: pray for the “gift of the enlightment of the Holy Spirit.
I didn´t understand it much but I ran to school and being puffed out I prayed for “the gift of Holy Spirit“.Then, I carried on praying „Our Father“.Later in my life I was very grateful to my mum for having lead me towards God and taught me to pray.It was simply the faith in God´s help that had kept me going in difficult situations and helped me several times.
When we were children we lived in a straitened circumstances.Our flat had one room and we were together all the time.Our youngest sister fell ill and my mummy took care of her with anxiety.All of a sudden she said:“Radoušku, will you kneel down quickly and have a prayer because Květuška may be dying.She´s hardly ever breathed.I knelt down at the window and prayed to Jesus to save our Květuška.It didn´t take a long time and my mum said:“Well, it may be alright you might have helped her.“.Her cramp slackened and she felt relieved and better.You see, I won´t forget that as long as I live!
You must have some other experience?
Yeah, when my wife was expecting her second child a bump appeared behind her ear.Her doctor said: “Cut it out“.So, she went to the clinic and they took this tumour out.However, before she got back home the doctors from the clinic called me to come.I was told it was a lymphatic sarcom and she may have only six months of life.I was flabbergasted as I wasn´t ready to hear anything like this.Nevertheless, my wife knew what it had been and she set my mind at ease since she was enourmously brave.We prayed together but wherever I went I prayed for her as well.
 Once during the mass I again prayed fervently and asked Jesus Christ for my wife´s health.All of a sudden, I realized Christ´s presence and felt relaxation and reassurance that my wife would be well.She went to regular medical checkups.First, every week and then every month or every year.Once the physician told us:“It´s incredible for us but your wife has already been healed.“
There were also other situations when my faith in God helped me to survive and have every confidence in the fact that God´s help is always with us.
Is the faith a contribution for the actor? Did it help you to create parts? Did you have to make a compromise or even turn down a part?
The faith is a part of dramatic art.The actor´s task is what Shakespear expressed through the hero of Hamlet.The actor and his part reflect the manners and principles of the society.There aren´t better criteria for the world than the Ten Commandments.The truth and rules for the life are included only in the Ten Commandments because there aren´t other things.The actor should point out to the faults of society and at the same time inspire to good human relations.
During communism this criteria didn´t hold true and that´s why it´d happened several times that I got a part that was a product of the totalitarian regime.If the parts contained historical errors, lies and were contrary to my conscience I prepared a corrected text.Then I wanted these changes to be taken into account and if not I turned down that part.There were lots of parts I´d turned down.Later on, they´ve already known me and knew what I´d accept or wouldn´t.
As a professor of drammatic art you´ve certainly set your students an example.What were your examples?
I met major examples who I´d admired.There were lots of them f.e. Mr.Voska, Charles Hoger, Štěpánek.
Marvan was a star for me and I was deliriously happy to have encountered them.However, I´ve never had a feeling I should imitate someone.I only realized their complete internal participation in what they were saying.
What motivates you to take part in the charitable performances where people have been meeting you so often?
It´s quite easy to guess when our life mission is to show the world the true mirror and not only that because the actor produces a work of art and each work of art must contain three parts: truth, good and beauty.The beauty is very important in the dramatic art.The spectator should leave the performance enriched with the esthetic and blissful feeling of beauty.
I attend every charitative performance happily because I can meet other people.I´m very pleased to be able to give what was given to me and especially I´m glad that I was made possible to fullfil my life mission.
Professor, thank you very much for your interview and in conclusion, what do you wish people in this country?
I wish all of you managed to live your life mission and be accompanied with the gift of „the enlightment of Holy Spirit“.

Borrowed with the kind permission of Brno press mission ( ), May 2007



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