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1 Thessalonians 4,14

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The greatness of God´s love

Štefan Patrik Kováč

I´ve asked God for a long time to let me experience his real and live love.I didn´t want to doubt about it anymore but simply wanted to experience it.On that Sunday God let me experience his infinite love.Jesus told me these words… The greatness of God´s love

At the beginning it´s necessary to write that I had a very hard childhood and adolescence.My father was an alcoholic and although he liked us he served the hard master ( the master Alcohol with the nickname Addiction ) who was destroying us and making my life and my mother´s life a misery.At the end of the basic school, at the secondary school and then at university I was experiencing it very much.The sufferings, which I was going through, weren´t so much physical ( there were no frays, fights nor things like this ) but rather emotional.The fact was that at the time when he served that hard and intransigent master ( there was alcohol running in his veins ) he was very agressive, shouted, shrieked like a possessed person, provoked and picked on us.He created the long-term atmosphere of fear around himself.The worst thing was that you couldn´t escape it.


These stressful states caused nightmares,sleeplessness, irritation and I didn´t prepare for school.My mother and I were trying to hide inside one room, were scared and my mother cried ( it´s terrible for a child to see his mother crying ) because it was her who my father attacked most.We locked ourselves in the room and he shouted that he was going to break the door….My prayers to God were full of complaints and reproaches:Why, why, why?


Then my faith was mature to such an extent that I understood and accepted in my heart that I should forgive my father.I´ve forgiven him.I´ve forgiven him sincerely.Although I think the forgiveness is a long-term process but it means forgiveness is forgiveness.The Lord gave me the grace to step over my shadow.I wouldn´t manage it without his help.


But what happened on Sunday May 20, 2000 at the course Bible ( this course is organized under the auspices of the Community John the Baptist ) touched me so much that I wept like a little child.The thing was that I´d been asking God to let me experience His real and live love.I wished I hadn´t had any doubts about it and I could simply experience it.On that Sunday God let me experience his infinite love.Jesus told me these words:“Stefan, forgive me! Today I´m asking you to forgive me.I´m asking you to forgive me that I gave you such a childhood and adolescence.I know how much you suffered.I know how much it hurt.Stefan, forgive me because I only did this out of great love.If I hadn´t allowed it you wouldn´t walk on the path that you are nowdays.And I want you to be close to me.I did it out of love.I know how hard it was.However, then I was with you and I suffered with you, Stefan.Could you also forgive me that I don´t give you what you´re longing for? Accept what I´m giving you.And forgive me that it´s not what you want.“


The great God – Jahve, the one who is the Infinite, Saintest and Highest who was strong and powerful and appeared in the form of Jesus Christ on this earth asked me, who was just a worm crawling along the dust of the ground, to forgive him!“Forgive me, Stefan!“The Highest asks me to forgive him.To forgive him for the act that in actual fact was love.Since if he hadn´t given it to me I´d be on the path of perdition.But he knows that it hurt a lot and that I was suffering.And so on that Sunday he bent towards me and asked me for forgiveness.The second part of the forgiveness concerned my girlfriend.I wasn´t given the girl I´d dreamt about but the one God recognized to be the most suitable and I started loving her.


The tears were flowing down my cheeks.Two fine streams of salt water.I was really crying like a child.The Strong and the Saint is asking me, who is the first of all sinners, for forgiveness.Then I witnessed the reach of God´s love.It´s immense.It reaches up to the end.It´s going on the cross.It´s humble and endless.It´s perfectly simple.It goes everywhere and does everything only in order to rescue me.It asks for forgiveness that it had to cause so much pain because he wanted me to be close to him and to save and rescue me.Who´ll ever understand the God´s love in depth?Who´ll ever understand the reach of his love?
On that day I forgave God.

Štefan Patrik Kováč, Piešťany,the Course Bible 19-20.5.2000



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