Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.
1 John 4,15

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The course Filip – the way towards the living Church

Libuše Plná

The course Filip is priceless for the people nowdays Nobody relaxes in the church like this.At home people are busy or don´t have the favorable conditions. The course Filip – the way towards the living Church

I´m going to be 52 this year.I´ve been a believer since my childhood.When I was about 8 or 10 I bore out in the materialistic and scientific education.I came to the conclusion that faith is a rubbish and it´s probable that there´s no God.

But already at that time I admired the old Egypt, India and Tibet.And I was scrambling for getting any available or unavailable book about this topic.I started to realize strongly the universal cosmic intelligence and its key role in whatever manifestation of life.I didn´t care about Christ much.Rama Krišna sent me to meet Christ in his statement:“All the religions have the same value but it´s necessary to follow that religion in which you were brought up and in which you were born.“So I took the Bible in my hands.Believe me or not, during reading the first gospel I was brought down to my knees.I was crying so much that I was incapable of reading and I knew the God´s love that is incomprehensible.I was 18 years old.

The course Filip is priceless for the people nowdays Nobody relaxes in the church like this.At home people are busy or don´t have the favorable conditions.Although they pray they often reel off the memorized words.A very few people are going about it differently.Once I heard this opinion from the pulpit ( it was a very long time ago ):“Why are we on the lookout for the ungodly pagan Eastern religions? Why don´t we realize that the God´s will is manifested everywhere even in the eastern religions? They also had to work their way up to the Holy Spirit without Christ“.

Yeah, I thank God for giving you this suggestion and for being able to prepare everything.The Church will be living in this way and the gates of hell won´t vanquish it.People will learn to live and rejoice in God which I think the overwhelming majority aren´t even able to imagine it.Everyone eats the humble pie when they´re feeling really lousy and are at their wits´end.Are we so badly off that God has to use so onerous means? I thank You for confirming the accuracy of my thoughts.Sometimes but only sometimes I was under the impression that my views had been erroneuos.And nowdays I rejoice even more because I know that lots of people rejoice with me.My thoughts are always with you.Libuše


              Libuše Plná, Hustopeče, October 1998



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