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The beginning of the new life

Jiří Zmožek

He was called the King of the good mood.Suddenly there was a collapse and Jiří Zmožek´s life came to grief.Hospital, suicidal thoughts – the faith in God was a way-out for him.He is said to be born again and to have started a new lease of life a few years ago…. The beginning of the new life

When he was on the peak of his glory he wrote about hundred songs four our prominent singers.He was writing for Karel Gott, Hana Zagorová, Helena Vondráčková, Marie Rottrová and Michal Tučný…We remind you of a couple of hits that have been very popular up to these days:The bells of happiness; I have to manage it by myself; There at the heaven gate; That coach is already off; I´m not twenty, my darling; Don´t tread, don´t break; The cinema of love, This used to be the paradise and others.He was also writing for actors such as Rudolf Hrušinský, Josef Kemr, Jana Hlaváčová, Radek Brzobohatý and appeared on the stage with plenty of famous artists even abroad, for example with Jiřina Bohdalová in Canada, Australia and Switzerland….

….He was called the King of the good mood.His firm Carmen, where the records of so-called popular music were created, went on expanding.Suddenly there was a collapse and Jiří Zmožek´s life came to grief.Hospital, suicidal thoughts – the faith in God was a way-out for him.He is said to be born again and to have started a new lease of life a few years ago.

How much have you changed?
I´ve changed my life completely.As well as there is an old car and a new car, an old house and a new house there is an old life and a new life.The new life means the rebirth.
What made you think about God?
I´ve got two grannies.One was communist, the other Protestant.The communist one walked with a stick and she always shook her fist at some Imperialists and at everyone who she considered to be bad.I´ve never seen the Protestant one shaking her fist at anybody.She was quiet and always sank some songs about God.She read a little book ( later on I found out it was the Bible ).I´ve also seen her praying.This grannie had lead me to a small Christian congregation where many years later in 1971 I heard preaching a Slovac evangelist.He was from Bratislava and his name was František Ciesar.He spoke about the cure of a sick person near the pond Bethezda.That sick man had been lying there for 38 years.I was moved by the goodness of God.Then I was enthusiastic about it and immediately told my friends and acquiantances about it.
And how does it influence your further life?
I got enthusiastic about God tremendously.I started attending that little Church and even founded a choir.However, there were about thirty people who went there and when they´d learnt how to sing then there was nobody to listen.And those grannies who went there and didn´t sing, they couldn´t hear either….But I loved to go there and didn´t miss a single opportunity to be there.It was The fraternal Church that had been run by the preacher Ing.Jaroslav Orawský, a close friend of mine.
Did anyone from your friends tell you, who´d seen this change, you´ve gone mad?
The worst thing was with my family at home.The Lord Jesus tells the man´s enemy will be his own family because I brought my own children there.
You spoke about the rebirth.But you should start with a clean slate and settle your affairs from the past….
It was a long journey.When you hear The News about God so it´s something else than when you are struck by the message of God´s Son Jesus Christ.You do the repentance from your old life and from all those dead deeds that you´d done during your whole life.The repentance is change.It´s not just some regret.Regret can be just a normal mental state.But repentance is a spiritual state.
The Holy Spirit proved you a sinner and you decide to change completely your life through the repentance.It´s something like „about turn“ in the army.You simply walk in some direction and the commander orders about turn and you goin the completely opposite direction.
I think many people may have reservations about this opinion…
I´d divide it into three groups of people.Those Christians who´ve already repented before God should understand it and they shouldn´t denounce this person.The second group doubt a little bit about the existence of these things.And the third group doesn´t accept it at all and take you for a fool.But that´s perfectly all right because the Bible says only when they take you for a fool the God´s glory will be upon you.
But it might mean that you put your things straight before God? And you aren´t interested in the people anymore.
No, it´s not the case.The duty of every reborn Christians, who´s converted, is to set things straight.In the Bible there are several examples what the things shall look like.For instance, When Zachaeus met Jesus said:“If I´ve cheated anybody out of anything, I´ll pay back four times the amount.“Or:“If it´s possible live in peace with everyone“.So it´s necessary to settle your matters from the past if it´s possible.
And how did it go on?
Well, as I said before when you come to know about God it doesn´t necessary mean the rebirth.The rebirth means that you receive Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life.The Bible says in these two passages.The first one can be found in the John´s gospel, the third chapter, verse sixteen where it´s written:FOR SO GOD LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.This is the basic information for every person that walks on this earth.But it´s not only about receiving some information, you have to believe in Jesus Christ.The Bible says clearly in the Saint Paul´s epistle to the Romans:“THAT IF YOU CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH JESUS IS LORD AND BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART THAT GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD YOU WILL BE SAVED.“ ( Rom 10, 9 ).And there is another passage in the Bible that accentuates that whoever would invoke THE NAME OF JESUS will be rescued – saved.
You´re talking about the salvation – can you define it?
Yeah, perhaps in this way.The salvation is the liberation from the captivity of THE sin and leading into the freedom Christ gives.However, it´s necessary to observe that even after the rebirth you might commit a sin.You always have the possibility of confessing your sins and be cleant in the Blood of the Lamb ( as the Bible puts it ).But the sin doesn´t control you ( you´ve got freedom from alcohol, money and drugs ).
And what about your composing? Does anything change in it?
Well, it´s just the conversion and rebirth I´ve been talking about.You´re going in one direction and then you turn around and going to the opposite direction.To put it simply, while earlier I was writing songs about love so after 1994 I started writing songs about Love.
Could you elucidate it? You´ve been speaking about the year 1971 when you heard Evangelist Ciesar talking about God and now you´re speaking about the year 1994.
You see, each of us is an original.Almost nobody can be said to bear a resemblence to the other one.And God´s plans are also different for each of us.I started in the year 1971 and was enthusiastic about God Father – the Creator.But I didn´t know Jesus – the Saviour nor the Holy Spirit.The One who lets us know the complete truth and is our Comforter as the Scripture says.And it was exactly in 1994 when I went through a great crisis – family, bussiness and finance crisis.It might be called „the winning crash“ because it brought me everything new.You can read it in the Bible.God says:“Behold, I´m creating everything new.“And at that time in 1994 I was at the end of my tethers.Out of the blue incredible load weighed heavily on me – you could call it the personal tragedy.You can read it in the Bible.Then you decide for Jesus and everyone leaves you because they think you´re a fanatic.I always had to listen to it.While in 1971 I got to like God, in 1994 I decided radically for Jesus.And that´s the difference.When you take a fancy to God, the church you attend and the people which are inside they don´t mind it so much.But if you surrender your life to Jesus so that he may control your steps even your nearest and dearest can declare you are a fool and your marriage can be a failure.
It must have been difficult.How are you living now?
If I wanted to give you a slapdash answer to this question so I tell you like a pensioner.But it´s wrong.While in my old life I was writing songs about love, in my new one I´ve written about 250 songs about Love.I especially go to the Eastern Slovakia from where I receive lots of invitations almost every day.I appear not only in the Catholic but also in the Protestant churches.It never crossed my mind I´d go almost 400 km to the Eastern Slovakia every week and perform about ten times in a month there.Nevertheless, two years ago three priests from the eastern Slovakia came to see me and asked me to go and sing there.And so I´ve done it and plenty of fruitful cooperation has been created.They are Redemptorists from Gaboltov.We´ve got fantastic friendship based on God and I call them „THREE KINGS FROM THE EAST“.They also came from the east, were three of them and they had precious gifts for me – love, peace and joy.But I also perform in the Czech Republic.Today I´ve just returned from Frendštát pod Radhoštěm where I sang at the concert programmes for children and adults in cooperation with the Hotel Bartoš.
What word would you like to send to the readers who get this handbill of Brno Press Mission?
First, I apologize to them that not everything that might interest them could be included in this story.
However, these days I´m writing The Diary of Remembrances where they can read more.So if they liked to know more or more precisely almost everything it´s enough for them to go to my web pages and click on the DIARY OF REMEMBRANCES.Or they can meet me at some of my concerts.You can find the details about them on the web pages as well.
And in conclusion?
I´d like to wish the real love, peace and joy to all the readers and friends of Brno Press Mission.They can find it only in Jesus Christ.
( borrowed with the kind permission of Mr.Zmožek from )
Jiří Zmožek, November 2006



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