And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12  He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
1 John 5,11-12

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The chances don´t exist

Irena Berková

Being desperate I also tried what I sometimes heard that someone opened the Bible and read what´d occured to him and then would find a solution.So, I also had a try at it, I opened the Bible but nothing touched me.There was written how Moises went to the promised land with his people.I didn´t grasp the context. The chances don´t exist

On May 6, 2006 I came home in the afternoon and my brother told me our dogs had run away.Normally, they´ve stayed in but these days our bitch´s been in heat and so she decided to go away to search for a suitor.It stands to reason that the dog followed her and didn´t even notice going far away from home.My brother told me they´d got lost and I immediately went to look for them but it´d already been four hours since they got away.

I went to those places where I´d used to go with them, across the garden, on the fields, all the way to the woods, there´s a better view but didn´t find anybody there, and when it was getting dark I went home and didn´t understand why?.I saw them knocked down somewhere in the ditch whining for help and I wasn´t with them! I said to myself when it really got dark they´d return.I was falling asleep and for the whole time I´ve been praying for them to God not to come back but to take care of them to help me and I prayed for them not to be knocked down by a car and hoped that they´d be at home by morning.They weren´t.Being desperate I also tried what I sometimes heard that someone opened the Bible and read what´d occured to him and then would find a solution.So, I also had a try at it, I opened the Bible but nothing touched me.There was written  how Moises went to the promised land with his people.I didn´t grasp the context.It´s true that later I started to understand it wouldn´t be so easy, they weren´t just running around the village orchard. But where to go? In the morning I called my brother that my mother-in-law and I´d have get in a car and look for them.We scoured Koryčany, Lískovec, Střílky, Jestřabice, Muchnice, inquired of people but nobody saw the big black German shepherd and black Labrador.For the whole time I´ve been asking God why he´s been doing to me such a thing.I know everything has its purpose but so far I haven´t understood it.So I don´t know if he´s helping me or not, what he´s been up to.but for the whole time I´ve been asking to keep them alive and protect them.

In the afternoon a friend of my brother from Kroměříž police called round on us, he only needed something, so he dropped in.We mentioned our loss and he said:“I saw similar dogs near Četechovice yesterday so today they´ll be in Kroměříž, it´s a long way, there´s much danger and those roads with cars to which they aren´t used to at all ( I only go to the fields and in the woods with them ).We immediately took our car and went to Četechovice, there wasn´t a mortal soul there, no peole no dogs.We didn´t know where to go again and I thanked God for this trace for being maybe so close, although yesterday was yesterday.We went round Četechovice but nothing.When we were on the point of departure I caught sight of a firm´s owner how he was standing in front of the building with his employees, so I ran there and asked whether they hadn´t seen any dogs.They had.The dogs may be in the Kroměříž animal shelter, some lady drove them and then took them away.They told me about a family who´s in touch with this lady.We arrived at this family´s place and they said this lady´d talked them into taking care of them because she felt sorry for them.They gave me this lady´s address saying that my dogs might be in the Zlin animal shelter as they hadn´t wanted to receive them in Kroměříž.I rang this lady up and she was so happy that the owners of the dogs had been found.She said she´d already mourned their loss and they were wonderful.

This lady says she´s from Luhačovice, they were driving along E 50 and the dogs were lying at the hard shoulder and waiting.She went there in the morning, in the afternoon and they were still on the same spot.So, she pulled up and waited for about an hour with them so that they shouldn´t run into the traffic.Later she put them in her car and went to Četechovice but nobody wanted them so she called around the other villages, animal shelters and police stations but again nobody wanted them.At last the police from another district took care of them ( I won´t name ).They gave us the contact and we went to pick them up.Finally.You see, my mother - in - law says “By dint of coincidence”,my friends I told my story to are saying “You were so lucky”.However, my brother´s friend “happened” to go to our place, the firm´s owner “happened”to be outside so that he might show us the right way, this nice lady who “happened” to drove through E50 from Luhačovice and took pity on our dogs and above all, they had to cross this road to get to Četechovice where nothing “happened” to run them down and were lying at the hard shoulder almost all the day long and didn´t “happen” to run into this road.Everyone, who drives along this road, knows how heavily is used ( my friend´s dog  ran away from Střílky a year ago, he found it dead on the car´s bonnet and in addition to it, he had to pay 50 thousand crown damages ) and I know our dogs are big nitwits.My mother-in- law says:”Owing to the coincidence”.I say:”There are no coincidences, Thanks God.”


                                                              Irena Berková, Koryčany, June 2006


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