He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.
1 John 4,8-9

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Save our family, Lord!

Naďa Koprajdová

I had the feeling that I was useless and hopeless.I was desperate and unhappy.I was unable to look after my household and so, I started calling to Jesus:“Lord, if you exist change my husband and save our family because I don´t mean to go on living in this way.“I opened all my poor heart to God and I felt relieved. Save our family, Lord!

Even as a child I was born with umbilical cord twisted twice around my neck and in addition, there was a knot on it so that I could perish.When my sister´d told my mother about it, she sat up immediately and watched her swift fingers freeing me from the shackles of umbilical cord.Well done! So, I could grow up with my two sisters that were much older than me.When I was five years old, they left home and got married.When I was about ten, my friend invited me to attend a Catholic mass.She showed me how beautiful pictures you could get and because I´d longed for them I went with her.The priest just spoke about Jesus Christ and about Judas´ betrayal about his crucifiction and about the fact that he raised from the dead on the third day and lives.He also said Jesus is God.This was imprinted on my mind and in addition, I pitied Jesus having to suffer so much although he hadn´t done anything.Even though my parents were brought up in the Catholic faith, they couldn´t tell me more about Jesus.

When I was twenty I got married and moved to Příbor where I gave birth to three cute little babies.However, my husband took to drinking and started spending his time in pubs instead at home and I began taking care of the children just by myself.Later on, he introduced me to a family which had more children and in addition, they also liked to wet the whistle.We started meeting up and I partly sank into alcoholism as well.I always looked forward to the weekend when we´d get together again and have some wine.Then, I started being at war with my husband but I soon loathed this kind of life. I had the feeling that I was useless and hopeless.I was desperate and unhappy.I was unable to look after my household and so, I started calling to Jesus:“Lord, if you exist change my husband and save our family because I don´t mean to go on living this way.“I opened all my poor heart to God and I felt relieved.

After the velvet revolution my husband and I went to the cinema to see the film „JESUS“.I was mesmerized by the protagonist and I wanted to be like him.I started reading various books about the traditional medecine and occultism.I wanted to heal.Nevertheless, my life began falling to pieces even more.I started hearing voices at night that were calling to me steps that were coming near to my bedside and taps at the different objects which were in my room…

I was filled with fear and depression and I had the sense that someone wanted to kill me.I began to say “the Lord´s prayer“ every evening.It was easier for me to fall asleep after this prayer and I wasn´t so frightened.

In the meantime, I also had an abortion.God proved me guilty of this sin and showed me that it´d been a murder.He lead me to the repentance and forgave me.I was so sorry about this action that I told God that if he wanted me to have another child, I´d welcome him / her.It happened shortly after.I got pregnant.I stopped relishing alcoholic beverages and later on I also put my books aside.I knew in my heart it´d influence my child who was going to come into this world.I´d rather started praying more and more.However, I was terribly ashamed of my pregnancy before people because my husband went from bad to worse and I said to myself:“What will they think of me? What will they think of the fact that I´ve got the fourth child with such an alcoholic?!“.My husband and I even wore occult bracelets that´d softened the pain.The thing was that each of us had a health problem.

When the day of my delivery arrived, this kind of bracelet even softened my labour pains.It wasn´t until I´d put it away I could be free and have regular labour contractions.

When I was examined at the maternity ward, I´d already had pains every minute.At that time it was eight o´clock in the evening and she told me it wouldn´t come before two hours.I was shocked.“Is she serious about it?“I thought.The good thing was that she´d allowed me to lie in the maternity ward as I also had a sore back.I called to God again.“God, if I´m delivered of the child by half past eight, I´ll offer you this child.At that moment it occured to me:“turn on the side“.And lo and behold! There was a miracle because I gave birth to this child by half past eight.Lord gave me this grace! Even the nurse was a bit flabbergasted about the fact that it came so soon.It was only me who saw how the wind blew.Thanks God little Thomas was born alive and kicking and I wanted to keep my promise to give him to God. Since I didn´t know any other church than “Catholic“one I planned to christen him there.

However, God´s will and his direction was different.Shortly afterwards, we were invited to the Apostle church where my husband and I came to believe in God and offered our lives to Jesus.Why? Because we came to know that God loves us and he cares about us as well as although we´re just ash and dust, we´re precious and valuable for him.God proved his love to us by sending his Son Jesus Christ on earth in order to lay down his life for us sinners and liberate us from devil´s slavery.And not only from these things but also from maledictions and illnesses that were caused by our disobedience towards the God Creator.He God himself Jesus Christ was dying on this cross and was suffering for us, our sins and our disobedience towards God.It was us who deserved to hang and suffer there.The God´s wrath should have been poured down on us.It was from us that God should have turned his face and then he should have condemned us to suffer in hell.Nonetheless, He didn´t do it because he loved us so much that He himself had died for us out of love in order to give us the salvation.Our merciful God spared us.Jesus, God´s son went of his own free will there instead of us so that our sins could be forgiven we could be healed freed reconciled with God Father and we could win God´s favour and eternal life.

Jesus rose up from the dead on the third day and keeps on living in heaven!

Gradually, our children also gave their lives to the Lord and nowdays we´re all happy.We´re freed from shackles,fetters and various dependencies in which we were tied by Satan for a very long time.We´ve experienced forgiveness and God´s love.We love each other and nowdays we have splendid time together.Although we go through miscellaneous problems and sufferings, we know that Jesus is with us and he gives us the strength to surmount and cope with it.

Let the glory and thanks be only to our dear Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour for his help and miracles in our lives forever.Now you surely concede that my life and my family´s life is really one big miracle.And Our Lord´s got these and other miracles for everyone who comes to him in trust and humbleness and opens his heart to him.You also can experience them in your lives.That´s why I advice you not to waste your time!   

Jesus´s standing at the door of your heart and is knocking.If you hear His voice and open your door, He´ll come in and eat with you.(Revelation 3/20 ).


                                                                In God´s love Naďa K.


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