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Satan – stark naked

Ludvík Šojdr

During this experience I realized that this is just the situation that Satan or his servants demons don´t wish to happen at all.That in fact he´s recognized.That the whole disgust, of which he is the carrier, is completely uncovered before all the present people. Satan – stark naked

One of the devil´s basic strategies is that he wants to remain unrecognised.On the sly.His greatest victory that actually he´s already managed to win is the progressive consciousness of the educated man in the 21 century who won´t believe in some fairy tales about devil.It goes without saying that the pagans don´t believe in the devil´s existence.However, it isn´t so easy to understand that his concrete practical activity is denied or underestimated by Christians themselves, even priests, bishops and cardinals.

We´re able to ascribe the practical signs of evil to anything else than to the concrete, invisible but very intelligent spiritual being and his army of dark servants – to Satan and demons.And the idea that nowdays someone could even be possessed by devil is completely inconceivable.In these days of the progressive society of 21 century? Such an obscurantism belongs to the Middle Age.Only the fool and nitwit could believe in something like this.

I´ve got my personal experience with the Satan´s manifestations and have understood that if you don´t encounter the possessed person face to face you really consider it as the mediaeval women´s talks that belong to the fairy tales or are good for scaring little mischiveous children.
The encounter with the devil in the congregation

Some time ago, I read the evidence of an eminent exorcist, who during his service of casting out the devil, has cooperated externally with a certain congregation that was praying for this purpose in angelic tongues.He talked about the fact that the devil can´t stand the prayers in tongues because they really torments him and the process of exorcism is easier both for exorcist and for the affected person who experiences a great agony of spirit during this process.

We went through the similar experience at one of our regular Sunday prayer meetings.During singing in tongues one of our guest unexpectedly showed the demoniacal presence and the demon started showering us not only with insults, swearwords, gibes using an indescribable animal voice ( that was completely different from the voice of that human being out of whom it was coming ) but also began to frighten us with totally unreal screaming…..It was absolutely obvious how„cheesed off“ the demon was by the God´s presence among us and at any price he wanted to make us stop praying like this as soon as possible.

During this experience I realized that this is just the situation that Satan or his servants demons don´t wish to happen at all.That he´s recognized.That the whole disgust, of which he is the carrier, is completely uncovered before all the present people.And ifall the people experienced him and knew him personally like this, they´d start to think completely differently about the spiritual world, the causes of evil but especially about the fact how to prevent, to resist evil and where to look for the rescue.They´d start to search for God, to accept Jesus as their Lord into their hearts and then they´d begin to order demons by His authority when they start to trouble our lives.Now what I have in my mind is the so-called autoexorcism.Being face to face to the demon gradually made me pray in concrete terms for myself, my sons, my family and friends every morning.
„In the name of Jesus I´m tying all the demons and servants of evil that are attacking at this moment or that are also going to attack me, my sons, my wife and my fellow workers.And at the same time I order you to go immediately to the Jesus´s feet where you´ll have to bend to his will.
And at the same time I pray:“Come, Holy Spirit and fill me with your power and strength so that I may live according to the God´s plan.Come and work in my heart so that Jesus´s power can´t be restricted when he wants to be the Lord of my life nowdays.“
It goes without saying that only this prayer won´t guarantee you the successful life according to the gospel but it´s a very good assumption to start your day like this and to accept the God´s protection, strength and power that is totally free and obvious for God´s children.  
The unconverted Christian hardly identifies himself with this prayer.He´ll find it foolish or even „crazy“.The basic problem of the Church is that there are so many unconverted Christians,priests, bishops and cardinals that then the hidden Satan and his servants are playing about with Church.All the power and authority over the cause of all evil ( devil and his servants ), which Jesus gained for us after a hard struggle, isn´t used by Christians according to His ideas.Conversely,Satan is in the offensive.The published scandals of paedophilia and homosexuality in the Church are only the tip of the supposed iceberg…….
The remedy? Only one thing: The personal conversion….
To meet Jesus in His Love, which is the only thing how to understand with your heart what it means to be the God´s child.To proclaim with a clear and unquestionable declaration every day that Jesus is the Lord of my life and then order Satan and his demons in the name of Jesus and without fear to go away from my life.
It´s possible to live God´s life only with God´s strength but you can receive it only when you ask Jesus into your heart every day again and again:“Jesus, be the Lord of my life also today.“It´s not possible to live the gospel successfully without this attitude.I´m going to end up in hell if I only rely on my own efforts ( even on the path of Christianity without any conversion )….And how many Christians and maybe bishops and cardinals are heading there even if not wanting to because actually they don´t know what the conversion means….( or they know but don´t want )
The faith God talks about is the faith with your heart …..with all your heart..If ALL THE HEART doesn´t take part in it, nothing from the gospel works…
The Lord says:
       "These people come near to me with their mouth
       and honor me with their lips,
       but their hearts are far from me.
       Their worship of me
       is made up only of rules taught by men. [b]
 14 Therefore once more I will astound these people
       with wonder upon wonder;
       the wisdom of the wise will perish,
       the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish."
I can pray, attend church, receive sacraments but God is always somewhere far away, doesn´t hear, can´t see, doesn´t speak….Unlike the Lord of the darkness who then is spinning successfully and secretly his webs and planning to destroy the human being and all the creature.And let´s admit that it´s very easy for him…How many of his servants who are leading this world into the darkness are helping him because they don´t believe in his abilities and possibilities …..( politicians, bankers, economists….but also unconverted Christians who aren´t interested in the conversion and don´t look for it ).

March 2010Ludvík Šojdr Catholic

P.S.Sometimes I hear – „I don´t know if I´ve converted and don´t know what to do about it.“If it´s your problem as well let me know.It´s not difficult at all to be converted.It´s only one assumption – you want.You´ve got an open heart for the encounter with God.If so, there´s no obstacle in your way and you can let me know:    
About 24 years ago, I´d have been very pleased if I´d received such an offer…..
Satan doesn´t like his nakedness.He´s scared of it.Naturally, it´s not very agreeable to watch this but it´s very effective to understand how real and live he is.
( Attention – it´s not advisable to download these videos if you are psychologically weak ).
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