I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
Revelation 21,6-7

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My way and service of healing

Rostislav Klimt

Before the prayers and laying the hands I asked the sick to plead with Jesus with their own words and in a concise but sincere way to forgive their sins and cure them.Jesus often cured tens of persons immediately even of so-called incurable illnesses and defects.If someone wasn´t cured, it was an exception and we knew why in most cases. My way and service of healing

My mum became a pentacostal Christian in 1936.She was baptized in the frozen stream in February and she didn`t even catch a cold.Then, she wrote to her granny:“Repent….“\the granny wrote to my father:”Forbid her to do it or she`ll go crazy.” My father wrote back:”Why shall I forbid her to do it when she is better than before?” In a short time while cooking she said to herself: “I`ll say a prayer so that I may be closer to the Lord.”And suddenly 3 foreign words slipped from her mouth.So, she was given the gift of the tongues.

In 1939 my mum went to the shop to return the borrowed teacup.There were only two women and a man inside – owners of the shop.My mum knelt down on the floor and started to speak in the foreign tongue.The owners were listening.Later she rose without saying a word and left.The owner of the shop met my father and said:”Where did your wife learn to speak so clear Hebrew? It`s a hard language and lots of Jews can`t speak it properly.My father answered that my mum couldn`t speak any foreign languages.He didn`t care more about it as he was atheist.

In this way the Lord confirmed my mum`s gift of tongues at the time when the gift of interpretation didn`t occur frequently.If the Holy Spirit warned these Jews, so it`s probable they didn`t believe because they died in the concentration camp.After we`d moved away there were only our joint prayers left as the pentacostal Christians were very faraway.The Holy Spirit often spoke Czech and sometimes in verse.

I became a teacher got married to an atheist girl and lived in a mundaine manner.After some time I realized that I wouldn`t get to heaven like this.I read a magazine published on the occasion of the international meeting of the pentacostal Christians in Liptovska Luzna in 1947 where there was a picture of the participants and then decided to go there in order to look for the locals.I was received by a brother who`d just returned from jail because he baptized people in the stream.Soon afterwards, I was immersed in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.If someone heard it on the grapevine that I as a teacher was believer, I would be sacked at once.

In 1985 I started attending the pentacostal Apostle church in Brno.The preacher recommended me I should hand in my notice so as not to be sacked unexpectedly.I began working as a master bricklayer at the construction company.The salary was lower got back home only for weekends and my wife continued being atheist.A close relative of mine who didn´t like the fact that I hadn´t been a teacher anymore told me that I was a fool.I don´t know if it was a blasphemy against Holy Spirit which was the only unforgettable sin but she died 3 days later.I received the gift of the tongues with the baptism of the Holy Spirit in quite an unusual way.

I knelt down with the preacher and he told me a few sentences in a foreign tongue.His wife started saying the interpretation from which followed that I wasn´t going to receive the gift of tongues at that time.Since I read about the king Ezechiel in 2.Kings 20, 1-6 I said:My Lord, were the king Ezechiel´s tears bitterer than mine?”.It was my reaction to the fact how God had   changed his decision about Ezechiel.Then the woman started speaking in a tongue and the preacher interpreted.All I could remember was only this thing:”I´ve decided to give you the gift not tomorrow but today.”The preacher finished and said:”Open your mouth and speak.”I said” I´m not worthy”.He answered:”Nobody is worthy.Speak!”Very quietly I began to say words.that sounded like Vietnamese.The preacher said the interpretation after the first sentence.That´s why I dared and repeated twice the sentence and the interpretation always followed.The preacher thanked God and said:”My brother, how are you feeling?”.I said:”It seems quite odd to me”.

He replied:”Your mother had said only three words for the first time.You said three sentences and you think it´s not enough?”.Well, it wasn´t little for me but I was a churlish beginner and that´s why I was a bit surprised that it´d been such a tongue.The preacher said:”Pray in this way and it´ll get going”

Three days later, other tongues came to my mind.They were different from the original ones.If it was Vietnamese I´m very sorry about it nowdays – considering the presence of so many unaddressed Vietnamese.The gift of the tongues is the confirmation of the baptism of Holy Spirit.If you don´t want any gift of the Holy Spirit, you contradict the Bible.We can read that the believers were glad to receive the gift of tongues.The prayer in the tongue is more efficient after all!.I was amazed at the fact that there hadn´t been anyone in the whole Czech Republic with the gift of healing.

That wasn´t certainly God´s fault.The preachers didn´t search for these gifts among people.Someplace they were even preaching on their own for years.Some of them thought that especially they should receive the gift of healing.When I joined a prayer for the healing it was heard but nobody ( not even me ) had noticed it had to do something with me.It´s true that I sometimes joined the prayer secretly because only the elders of the congregation could lay hands.Their number didn´t increase and they served until death in most cases.They didn´t appoint servants.

During the fall of communism I saw the service of healing by the foreign missionaries that my wife had also visited.She was cured of the backache and boreliose.In 1990 a foreign missionary and I organized the evangelization with healing at the stadium.

Consequently, a brother and I started serving people so that they might be cured.

Before the prayers and laying the hands I asked the sick to plead with Jesus verbally and in a concise but sincere way to forgive their sins and cure them.Jesus often cured tens of persons immediately even of so-called incurable defects.If someone wasn´t cured, it was an exception and we knew why in most cases.

They were cured of defective hearing, deafness as a consequence of bombardment, cancer, crooked legs as a consequence of an accident and various sicknesses.

Without healing the gospel is incomplete.Glory to Jesus that he took our sins and sicknesses on the cross.All the honour, glory, power and thanks be only to him!As I was forbidden to serve the rank-and-file member, we didn´t found the congregation but we expected the foreign preacher who was promised to us but in the end didn´t come.In the meantime, I finished one-year Saturday biblical school.I was lucky that experienced foreigners had been in charge of it at that time.I commuted about 100km. and once a brother wanted to drive me to the railway station but the indicator didn´t work and we failed to repair it.I´d miss my train and wouldn´t get home until the morning instead in the evening.I laid my hand softly on the car and said a few sentences in the tongues.The indicator began blinking automatically at once.That brother said:”I can´t believe it because I´m a technician.”

Glory to Jesus! In the meantime my wife and sons accepted Jesus as their Lord.During the fall of communism I returned to the school system.Occasionally, before Chrismas and Easter I told my pupils about gospel and the Holy Spirit confirmed by curing ill children.The school management had to tolerate it because these Christian holidays were recognized by the state.If there was something wrong with some pupils and they were willing to ask Jesus by word of mouth and nobody from the classroom was against it, all of them were always cured at once.Once the pupils of ninth form talked me into speaking in the gift of tongues.I told them it wasn´t a play-acting but it was necessary to ask for something.I suggested we pray for the success of their entrance exams at the secondary school.I was slightly afraid of which tongue it´d be because some of them sounded very simple.

The Holy Spirit spoke about three sentences in such a nice tongue that it had been me who was the most surprised.It´s never occurred to me that such a beautiful thing could exist.The pupils of the ninth form were stunned as if they´d seen a miracle.Well, it was a miracle.If there was an angelic language that was it.Nobody doubted that God had spoken out.All of them were admitted to those schools where they´d enrol. The majority of craftsmen that had worked occasionally in my house were also cured of smoking, eczema, pain, wounds and so on.I ask everyone before my prayer to ask Jesus of their own free will and with their own words to forgive their sins cure and save them.It´s very easy for Romanies to accept faith in Jesus partly because they encounter the occult and they know that there are some supernatural powers.They received the cure at once.One of them was diagnosed with pancreas cancer with metastases going into all organs.The operation was impossible.

The only possible treatment was chemotherapy.He received Jesus when he was immersed.As he can´t read his wife reads him the prayer “Our Father” and  10 commandments..He´s been alive and active for several years now and has been looking good. He stopped sinning..The doctors are only applying him a plaster with drug.I´ve also prayed over the other people for the healing of cancer and they are well now.

Short time ago I prayed for a  twelve-year old boy that suffered from atrophy of muscles.He was unable to walk without assistance.After the prayer he walked at once and after arriving home he took the shovel and went to clear away the snow.During last days I prayed for the preacher´s son in Ostrau who was living in the USA.He was confined to bed connected to the apparatuses and waited for the operation of heart.Two days after the prayer, the doctor said that.he´s only seen such a rapid improvement for the second time in his life.In 4 days the doctors were surprised at the good state of arteries.

The proves aren`t necessary for you, dear readers because Jesus still continues.It goes without saying that it`s free even for the atheists who`d like to have a try with him.It`s a challenge.He demands the believers to have the most faith of all.After all, it`s not possible to believe one thing from the Bible and another not.We sometimes understand God´s plan in the course of time.Once I was stolen two caravan wheels with bees including centre bearings.In the first moment I said:”Jesus, why?”I didn`t know about any sin.The damage was about 20000 Czech crowns and this make isn`t produced anymore.I kept the bees 20 km from the place where I lived because of local beekeepers´envy.It turned out that thanks to this theft I had 7 advantages – I was given 7000 Czech crowns by the insurance company and a friend of mine got the wheels for me for 3000 crowns.The local apiarists needed the treasurer so they were glad that I was going to take this job and they aren`t envious anymore.

I removed the bees 2 km from the place where I lived which saved me some time.They are in nicer surroundings where there`s more honey and by being on the private property they are protected from thieves.I managed to avoid the disease of bees that broke out in the vicinity of my former post.

Thanks, Jesus! Halelujah!
Satan tries to attack you and tempt you all the time.Look out! We`ve only been tempted to the measure that we`ve been able to cope with.I`ve fallen several times as well.It was even the same thing.When there`s no strength it`s sufficient to be willing to clear oneself and Jesus will help you with the rest.He`ll stroke you and say:”Keep on fighting.I`ll help you.Cheer up!”.The grace culminates but Jesus has already stepped forward for the church that would be clean and non-religious.You can see it around you.Rejoice because you`ll live to see it.Don`t strike roots in this Earth, please!


Mgr.Rostislav Klimt, Morkovice, Apostle church Prostejov, May 2009


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