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My faith was half-hearted

Ivana Holíková

….I read heard prayed but it wasn`t it.It went past me.It wasn`t sincere…. My faith was half-hearted

I`m 35 years old.My parents were trying to bring me up in faith since my childhood but it was a lukewarm faith.I sat during mass indifferently and it didn`t say anything to me.Still, I could feel that I wass missing something.When I was thirty the Lord was drawing me more and more to himself.I didn`t still understand lots of things but I was looking for.I was really like that eunuch.( note: in this context an eunuch is called a person who knows everything about Jesus but because he never met Him in His Love he`s unable to hand over the spiritual life ).

I read heard prayed but it wasn`t it.It went past me.It wasn`t sincere.It was only at the course when I was really trying to surrender myself and everything that tormented me to God and under the influence of the Holy Spirit the Lord really gave me those gifts that I needed most.And not only this thing.Even my family started changing.I felt it most in my husband case.I was afraid of praying with my son who was 4 before because my husband made fun of the prayer.When I arrived from the Course, my husband taught my son “Our father”on his own.When our son didn`t want to pray he knelt down and said a prayer with me.It was for the second time that he`s done such a thing.( I`ve been married for 16 years ).Nowdays my son and I pray every evening.Nowdays when I`m anxious or worried I sing a song:”Entrust your worry to the Lord” and I feel some consolation.I know that MY Lord is with me the  AND HE HEARS THE PRAYERS FOR MY HUSBAND AND THAT EVENTUALLY I DID the right move which the Lord had been waiting for for 35 years.He waited for my surrender to him so that he could work in my life.I tied his hands all the time but nowdays I want to start with him every day that he gives me.That`s why I recommended the course Filip to you warmly.I wish the Lord pay all of you who see to it that the most people know the Lord.If only as many people as possible experience what all of us have experienced as the course Filip.

Ivana Holikova Loukov u Zlina August 1998


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