Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.
Isaiah 43,4

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My confession

Pavel Kaše

….I know I`ve betrayed You like Judas many times in my life but fortunately you`ve always saved me from the suicide and in the course of time you let me know your Love….. My confession
My Lord Jesus,
Thanks for Your Immense Love for me and of all the world.Thank You for these fantastic people that you called to Youir service.
I know I`ve betrayed You like Judas many times in my life but fortunately you`ve always saved me from the suicide and in the course of time you let me know your Love.
The most beautiful thing that you let me know is the knowledge of Your incessant presence with me.
I imagined You in quite a vague manner before, somewhere in the heaven in the tabernacle or inside my soul.
Nowdays I`m trying to imagine You and perceive Your presence at the most as if you were real and living with me here.I only can`t see you with my human eyes.When I`d believed in it I found out that I wasn`t alone!!! It was wonderful to go for a walk to the country and realize that you, Virgin Mary and my guardian angel were walking beside me.
Such an excellent company was with me all the time but the thing was that I didn`t realize it at all! I can speak to You or just be silent and put my heart entirely at Your disposal.Then you see with my eyes think with my brain and at the same time I`m completely free.I love Your answers that I happen to find when I open my Bible.You often let me know the un-thought-of relations, for example from the Old Testament until these days.I can`t also sin when I”see” that You are so loving and suffering out of love for us beside me.When I regularly turn to You in prayer ( the nicest thing is the rosary ) and realize Your holy presence I`m better at getting over the temptations.The worst thing is when the Devil is trying to lead me into believing that all these things are only my imagination.He tells me to look around at those crowds of atheists and that I`m only imagining things.These are the worst moments.I don`t recognize You at that moment and started being drawning like Peter when he was walking to You on the water.When I`m in a tight spot and cry out to You that I`m drawning You always give me Your hand at once and rescue me.Then I`m happy like a tiny in Father`s arms.
The nicest thing is that You`ve taught me to pray again.It`s not possible to rattle off lots of prayers without thinking.One Our Father`s Prayer is enough but the prayer has to go from the bottom of your heart and not only from your lips.Then it can strike Your loving Heart and You always give me a loving answer.
Thanks to You.I love our common Father nowdays – our daddy in the heaven and our most fantastic mummy – Virgin mary.It was her who`d brought me back to her loving Son whom I`d hurt so much.I firmly believe that he gradually gathers all his unhappy children and God pours down on us the flows of His Holy Spirit that will renew us.Lord, I ask You to convert this unhappy world that hasn`t known You so far and bless all those who began to work joyfully with You on the reconstruction of Your vineyard.
Your loving Paul

 Pavel Kaše, Stod ( Pilsen – south ) July 2003


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