He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.
1 John 4,8-9

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Looking for myself

Barbora Polášková

For all my life I was tolerant of all the religions, doctrines, philosophical movements because I was looking for myself.When I was adolescent I dallied with the magic, wiccanism, raising spirits and tarot… Looking for myself

How did I come to believe? It took a little longer.For all my life I was tolerant of all the religions, doctrines, philosophical movements because I was finding myself.When I was adolescent I dallied with the magic, wiccanism, raising spirits and tarot.It mesmerized me a lot because it gave me answers to various questions, for example, about my past or future.But I didn´t know if it´s good or evil.I´ve had and still have lots of friends to whom I talk about it and have even done different occult rituals.


In the course of time, I stopped enjoying it because I didn´t find the sense of fulfilment in it.I began being into Buddhism but that wasn´t my cup of tea either.At that time I talked a lot to my friends who´ve believed in Jesus Christ.We often argued about it and I could notice them being happy without any pick-me-ups.It was very interesting and then when I was senior at the grammar school I prayed God to give me a proof of his existence because it´d have meant the radical change for me and I´d be able to believe that all I was looking for could find close to God.And the thing was that gradually he started giving me proves but I overlooked them or thought it was just a coincidence ( for example, I was walking down the street and saw a passage from the Bible written on the wall or on TV, I watched a singer that was wearing a T-shirt with Jesus.However, once I began reading a book from Julius Zeyer: Three legends about crucifix – there are three stories where the protagonist is sad, run-down from his life but God will always help him and save him even though that man didn´t want it from him and didn´t accept him.It really got me.I wept when reading each of these stories but didn´t know why ( I was filled with the Holy Spirit ).This was the irrefutable proof for me that God exists, He is here for us and always saves us.


But unfortunately, it wasn´t enough for me to be baptized and to be a devoted Christian.The fierce struggle for me  between God and Satan took two years but in the end it turned out well and I decided that I wanted to surrender all my life to God and be baptized in a stone quarry.In addition, it was raining and was only ten degrees there.So it was really amazing baptism where I´d been baptized twice both from below and from above.
God confirms my right decision for him almost every day and it´s very encouraging ( two years have passed since my baptism ).
Barbora Polášková, March 2008

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