This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Acts 4,11-12

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Jesus opened the door of my heart

Lenka Grymová

And Jesus came again.This time the joy´s run through all my body.The joy of the fact that Jesus will again stay in my heart.Love – Jesus opened the door of my heart. Jesus opened the door of my heart
Once I went with my friend Michele ( she´s on the right side of the foto and I´m on the left side ) to take part in the spiritual retreat in Kroměříž.Since we missed the start, we began already on the bus ( actually, my friend had already been in the same spiritual retreat ).At the time when we made the sign of the cross, all our bus changed into the desert with oasis.There was a dry tree in this desert.It was the tree of my faith.Terrible finding, isn´t it?!...But there was an oasis with some spring water a little further.I thanked the Lord for this knowledge and asked for the new flow of the Holy Spirit, that is, for some spring water.I´m thankful to God for this.

Finally, we arrived at Kroměříž Archbishopric grammar school.Everything went like the house on fire until the following day when there was an adoration.During this adoration anyone could profess of their own free will that Jesus is the Lord of their lives.Everyone spoke but I wasn´t able to.I wanted it so much but it didn´t work.I felt like having a blocked heart.I knew that my reservedness is endless.I was unable to speak when I was among people and I didn´t even know why.It didn´t work no matter how much I tried.I was incapable of opening my heart to the Lord wide.

Tears welled up in my eyes.I thought I was a small child who was crying when he or she didn´t get what he wanted.My friend and a presenter took notice of it and asked me whether I didn´t want them to pray for me.After my agreement, they laid their hands on me and started to pray.I joined them silently in spirit.Suddenly I was in my heart.On one side there was me and Jesus was on the other side.There were lots of ramparts, doors and hinderances between us.When the prayer was at full swing, Jesus went to meet me and pulled down everything that had been in his path.He went closer and closer and He even coped with the most solid wall, which was comprised of my reservedness.

Now he was quite close to me because there was only one door left that was much bigger and heavier than all the others.I was looking for its handle but it couldn´t be opened.It was simply closed.I started to look for the key.I put it there but I couldn´t unlock it.I started to cry again.I was profoundly sorry about Jesus – Love being on the other side of that door.I called him.I pleaded him to open it.I told him how much I loved him although I knew that my love couldn´t compensate for his love.And He? He told me that he´d give me the door key.

Both of my friends stopped praying and we went to bed.When I was falling asleep this experience came into my mind again.I couldn´t go to sleep because I needed the key from that closed door.I wanted to be with Jesus – Love.I went to the confession but the priest was busy.While I was walking along the corridor of the Archbishopric grammar school I met a friend of mine who´d prayed for me a few hours ago.We sat on the stairs talking.Out of the blue the priest who I was waiting for turned up.And so I went to the confession and then I received the gold key from Jesus.Finaly, I could try it on.It fitted perfectly.
During the third day there was a moment when we praised the Lord from all our strengths.Even the oldest lady, who could complain about her old age, praised the Lord in a completely fantastic way which I gaped at. At the same time we formed the small groups and invoked the Holy Spirit.
When we prayed someone was in the middle so we laid hands on them and prayed for them.
When it was my turn, I was trying to praise the Lord together with them.
And Jesus came again.This time the joy´s run through all my body.The joy of the fact that Jesus will again stay in my heart.Love – Jesus opened the door of my heart.
„I praise you“.I shouted at the top of my voice! And I professed before everyone that Jesus is the Lord of my life and that was the end of my reservedness.Thanks, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lenka Grymová, Znojmo, November 1998



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