And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12  He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
1 John 5,11-12

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Jesus helped me to be admitted to the conservatoire


I was unhappy and one day before the exams something snapped in me.I was thinking of not taking part in the exams but I didn´t stop believing in the Lord Jesus. Jesus helped me to be admitted to the conservatoire
Let me share the great grace with You that our Lord had given me..It´s been only a few days since I heard that I´d been admitted to the conservatoire, subject singing…I´m praising the Lord and writing these lines with enormous joy…I come from an atheist family.It´s been my big dream to study at the conservatoire since I was about thirteen when I´d attended primary school of arts.However, at that time I was told I didn´t have the necessary talent and mental aptitude.(I used to suffer from stage fright )
After finishing the basic school I entered the Academy of Commerce and literally “suffered”during these studies….After the school-leaving exam I repeatedly enrolled at various schools of art ( subject singing)  but I was never admitted.It was also due to the fact that I simply didn´t have courage…
In 2002 I met a man who brought me to the active life from faith…since then I put myself into the hands of our Lord and received lots of gifts – including healing, love and friendship…At present I´m getting ready for my baptism.

At the same time I prepared my first and last attempt to be admitted to the conservatoire…All of you who were admitted to this school know very well how difficult such a preparation is:hours of work and exercises, consultation with pedagogues at the conservatoire and the sound voice…But ouch!I didn´t have enough time to attend consultations and at the beginning of December I was down with strong bronchitis that almost prevented me from talking because when I was speaking for a long time I thought I´d choke….I had to stop taking classes of singing and singing was out of question.The truth is that I´ve been partly suffering from this sickness until these days. 


I was unhappy and one day before the exams something snapped in me.I was thinking of not taking part in the exams but I didn´t stop believing in the Lord Jesus.I´ve prayed so that he might “hold my voice“ and so that I wouldn´t make a fool of myself.On the day of the exams my cough stopped and my voice was so “clear” that I´d been astonished how well I was singing….No sings of nervousness either.No sooner had I passed the exam in singing than I had a spasm of hacking cough…
Nevertheless, I received a letter saying that I hadn´t been admitted.My teacher advised me to file an appeal.I thought it was pointless but I did so….
I took part in the Course Filip in Kroměříž in this tense situation….I was still very sad but this course helped me a lot and above all I realized that I couldn´t give it up now and that the Holy Spirit was powerful.I had to surrender my life and will completely to the God´s hands.Ludvík, an organizer of the course Filip told me that the Lord wouldn´t give me the gift of singing in vain….I agreed with it and started praying fervently to the Lord Jesus, Holy Virgin, all the saints and angels for my appeal to be settled in affirmative when my parents started telling me that I shouldn´t place great hopes in this appeal.
I told them firmly and definitely:”I believe in God´s justice”.Yes, it´s been only a few days since I got to know that I´d been admitted….In conclusion, I´d like to tell you that it´s really true that the lord loves us a lot and he longs immensely to give us what we want ( if it´s in accordance with His unique project )….It may only require our love for Him, the complete surrender of ourselves to His hands and faith!!! May the Lord be with All of You!!


All things are possible to him that believeth.”Mk, 9,23

Lenka, Břeclav March 2003

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