No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.
1 John 4,12

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I was deaf but I can hear

Marie Foltýnková

…..Here I got to know God in Holy Spirit who poured these feelings into my heart that I´d never experienced before.I´ve made a new start in life because I was propelled by love, God´s mercy and joy of my own salvation. I was deaf but I can hear

I was born in a Catholic family and my three siblings and I were brought up to practise this religion.Praying every day, attending church on Sundays and holidays and receiving sacraments monthly were part of my life.When I grew up, I gradually began to make my own arrangements and form my own ideas and consequently, God took second place and later on became less and less important for me. I fell ill at the age of twenty-one and I was told this severe illness´d go with me along all my life.Unfortunately, all my plans and desires were suddenly in tatters, including my family and intimate life.In the end I was left alone.I often thought why it all´d happened and why I had to renounce the ordinary human happiness.¨

In the course of time I started to think it was God´s will and I fell into line.My relationship to God improved too and I even began to feel that I owed him a great deal but because I relied only on my own strength and was unable to come nearer to him I couldn´t hear his voice calling me.I became more and more dissatisfied with myself.Time was rolling on and God kept on acting.

This March I´ve taken part in the course “FILIP“ where for the first time I heard the Lord adressing me and inviting me to accept his love and redemption.He also died for me and shed his blood for me so that I might have life to the full.I found out He loves me with unconditional love only because I´m precious to him and not because of my merits. Here I got to know God in Holy Spirit who poured these feelings into my heart that I´d never experienced before.I´ve made a new start in life because I was propelled by love, God´s mercy and joy of my own salvation.

Nowdays I don´t rely on my own strength because I know it´s weak. Conversely, I´m going to God for advice and help.I came to believe Jesus´ word:“And I´ll do whatever you ask in my name…“.John 14.13.The book of the books “BIBLE“ became my everyday spiritual nourishment and I found in it the answer to all the changes in my life including my illness.I found the answer to it in Mark 9, 43-48.I know that my soul is much more precious for the Lord than my flesh because it´s immortal.Thanks God I also found my place in the prayer meetings where my faith deepens and increases whenever I meet the living Jesus.The Lord gave me peace, equanimity and ability to rejoice in the life ….
Although I´m only in the beginning of this new way but I´d like to hold out.I wish you´d also experience so marvellous change in my life.The Lord´s calling and he´s waiting for you to open the door of your heart so that he could enter and act.

                                                    Mary Kroměříž



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