Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
Isaiah 49,15

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I´ve experienced the living presence of Jesus

Helena Juhaňáková

…..Only God saw into my heart.One evening I told Jesus I was at the end of my tethers.
I could feel I was approaching the abyss and asked Him to help me…..
I´ve experienced the living presence of Jesus

I grew up in the Christian family.I was the oldest of five children.As a child I was influenced by my mother who believed strongly in God.After finishing the nurse college I met my husband and then in a short time I got married.I was eighteen.We had a church wedding but Jesus wasn´t the Lord of my heart I didn´t put him first in my life.I was longing for great human love.My husband was unable to come up to my expectations.Only Jesus could give me such love I was craving for.

He was so weak and erring just like me.I stood the trials of life with difficulties.We had four children.I went to work, kept our house and devoted my life to the children.My husband was often away from home as he dedicated his time to the politics and his hobbies.I couldn´t bear the fact that I was alone,was unhappy,complained, blamed him for it and regretted myself.I was looking for the consolation in fruitless dreaming, reading books and longing for the real relationship.When my kids grew up and went away from home I saw that some of them weren´t going on the right path and sufferings awaited them.I perceived my life as the failure and disappointment.In the course of time I began to suffer from health problems.Outwardly everything seemed to be all right.I went to work, to the church and did my duties.

Only God saw into my heart.One evening I told Jesus I was at the end of my tethers.I felt I was approaching the abyss and asked Him to help me.My new life started next to the cross in front of our church.Here a priest invited me to take part in the spiritual retreat.It was the course „FILIP“.There were young people who witnessed about how they´d surrendered their lives to Jesus and how He was leading them and changing them so that they might be the witnesses of His Love.When I was asked to make the same decision I set my hopes on Him because He was my only hope.

I told Jesus that up to then I´d decided about my life rather on my own but now I regret it and ask Him to be the Saviour and the Leader of my life.It occured on the May 20, 1994.Here I experienced the living presence of Jesus and His unconditinal love.He let me know who I entrusted myself to.The sun was shining, the air smelled of the flowers in blossom and I returned back home being full of expectations.


The Lord didn´t disappoint me.He is really with me and He´s changing my life.He gives me the desire to meet Him in prayer and shows me how important it is to pray in the morning before I start whatever activity.He gives me the persevering love for reading the Scripture, the Bible, from which He speaks to me and like this I find the spiritual strength and guidance.I always loved books and the Bible occupies the first place now.At one time I complained or regretted myself when I went through trials but nowdays He teaches me to thank for everything and to praise Him.He changes my opinion on the children and on my husband so that I could view them with hope that he won´t let them die.He gives me the power to love those who harm me and to forgive everyone.He gives me the courage to testify in the hospital and at school.He enables me to participate in various tasks in the Church and at the lectures.


My children like to return home and ask me how it´s possible that my husband and I have been able to live together for so many years when each of us has different hobbies and views.And I know that although it´s not painless it´s because of Jesus.I´m an erring human being but He is with me and gives me the power to surmount difficulties.I´ve never experienced so much happiness.I´ve found the love of my life.Perhaps, even you whether you are an old man or a child you´re looking for love, for the meaning of your life but because you don´t find it you kill your life by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex, chasing after pleasure or mammon or you think of the suicide…..

Decide for Jesus.He´ll never disappoint you.He wishes to give you those things that He´s given to me.He´ll give you everything that you need in your life…

Today He assures you and everyone around the world who believes in Him:“I´ve come that they may have life and have it to the full.“ John 10, 10b.
Helena, Kroměříž 

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