Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him.
Romans 6,9

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I experienced the indescribable GOD´S LOVE

Marie Číčalová

I´ve been given the biggest present there.I experienced GOD´S LOVE in my heart.So tender, profound,infinite and forgiving LOVE……
I experienced the indescribable GOD´S LOVE

I met Jesus when I was 18 years old.At the age of twenty-two I was baptized in the Roman-Catholic Church.Nowdays I´m 30.I´m happy that there is the course Filip here.I thought nothing could surprise me.However, this course disproved it. I´ve been given the biggest present there.I experienced GOD´S LOVE in my heart.So tender, profound, infinite and forgiving LOVE.

God told me he loves me although I´m so sinful and bad.He just loves me.He knows everything about me, what I have in my heart, what I´m thinking about, what I´m doing and what I want to hide….There´s no sin I can hide from him.Nevertheless, God LOVES me, LOVES me!He embraced me and covered me with his LOVE that nobody would ever take away from me.He is with me and I´ve got so much LOVE that I want to give it TO ALL OF YOU.God really loves all of us with this LOVE.And he doesn´t want anything at all!We shall just LOVE him as well.We live in order to LOVE and be LOVED!

Marcela Holková, OSTRAVA, February 2003

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