Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Revelation 3,20

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I believed

Zuzana Trčková

As soon as we´ve confessed to God that we believed in Him it was said how we should behave….That we should try to make up for injustices which sometimes we´d done someone….Make our apologies… I believed
It wasn´t very long ago, that is, on May 9, 2008.I can´t forget this date.We spent the second day at the „Ringotournament of Royal Rangers 2008“.It was evening and we went to see „the evening programme“ as well as yesterday.At the beginning there was an act on the subject „the light of the world“.Then Peter, who´s organized this evening, took the floor and spoke to the same point.For about fifteen minutes he spoke to this subject and tried to explain to us that God could also use us for doing great things.
After a moment, his speech ended and the group Heaven´s factory was about to appear on the stage.However, before it happened we heard the fatal words that had completely changed my life…“Whoever wants to confess their faith to God personally, let them go to the next room during the songs.“Janča, Marky and I decided to go there after approximately ten minutes since he´d said it…And so rather pussyfooting we entered the door and knew that we couldn´t return at that moment…And so we moved ahead nervously and joined the cirle of other seven people.As soon as we´d fallen in Peter started to speak about what we were going to do…
When we´d listened to it so ten of us reached an agreement in a silent manner that we consented to it.Peter began to walk among us and told everyone something after their confession.He told me it wouldn´t be bad to become a missionary….He said to Janča that he thought she might be the light of the world.He also told Marky something but I can´t remember what it was.After a moment we burst into tears.We didn´t know why….It began during the prayer but it wasn´t so intense…It couldn´t be stopped….
As soon as we confessed to God that we believed in Him Ježek started talking about how we should behave… That we should try to make up for injustices which sometimes we´d done someone….Make our apologies…And especially we should tell our leaders that we´d believed in this way….Either pastor or priest…As soon as we parted we did exactly what Ježek had told us.We told Hanka that we believed and she should inform the others….
And as for me, I went to apologize to a person who I´d harmed.I´d been afraid of his response for two years.And I was flabbergasted when he told me he accepted my apology….I thought he´d completely bawl me out and didn´t speak a word with me but it came out well.At that moment everything was obvious to me.God is with me and gives me the strength to do such disagreeable things that are necessary after all.I´m really thankful for this experience and I´ve been trying to help the others since that day although sometimes I don´t manage it….
God is with me, loves me and that´s sufficient for me…He accepts me such as I am even with my faults..I admire it very much…He is a fantastic friend…
Zuzana Trčková ( Hedvika ), July 2008

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