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I was out of my body

Miloš Popp

I started shouting: Jesus, Jesus, take me away from here. After a few seconds, I had a feeling as if I were sucked back into my body. I haven´t even touched the meditations since….. I was out of my body

When I was seventeen, my God was science. I was swallowing scientific articles, especially those about astrophysics and physics of elementary particles. A friend of mine was in the team of scientists that had been taking part in the research into the elementary particles at the university in Goteborg. He took me along when these experiments were carried out and I was surprised by their explanations of the mysteries and miracles that had been happening.

Making a serious face, they explained to me that God exists and at the same time there are some spiritual worlds that are in the incessant interaction with our physical world and consequently with particles. Since I loved looking for adventure and I enjoyed going places /I travelled around Europe, The Canary Islands, I used to sleep in the parks and on the beaches / so, I wanted to know God and his spiritual worlds. From time to time my mum and I went to church. There was a very good priest there but it was obvious from his sermon that we would meet God after our death which didn´t satisfy me.

That´s why I was lured into meditations by an Indian guru who he´d been promising to us that we´d see and hear God. I could see different lights and I could hear different sounds but there wasn´t a proof that it´d been God. As these things were of supernatural nature, whereas I had never seen nor experienced anything supernatural in the church, nor had I ever heard that God would have done something supernatural or would  have showed  himself in some other way among the Christions, so I thought I was on the right track and Christians were only losing their time.

I´d been devoting myself to these meditations and to the Buddhist ones for 12 years. After about 10 years I started noticing some negative changes in my friends´behaviour from meditations /you can´t notice it by yourself so easily/.

Some´ve lost their joy and frankness that they´d had before, others began to fly into unsubstantiated fits of rage towards their girlfriends and some´ve caught „meditation psychosis“ /they were admitted to the lunatic asylum but it had almost no effect, only on a temporary basis/. A friend of mine, who I´d enticed into these meditations, caught „ „meditation psychosis“ as well but instead of going to the mental institution, she went to ecumenical biblical school where Jesus freed her from psychosis as a result of the prayer / the Christians placed their hands on her/ when I met her, she told me about miraculous recoveries Jesus was perfoming there and she saw with her own eyes. It fascineted me at once and so, she and I went to their Christian meeting. The pastor preached about how Jesus ´d died both for our sins and for our illnesses and if someone had aches or pains, he should step forward and they´d pray for us so that Jesus might cure us. At that time I´d had trouble with a very complicated knee fracture for 15 years that was operated for 2 hours, the pieces of the bones were taken out and I was told that they wouldn´t be able to do anything more about it. Since it got worse I was afraid of being a disabled person. The preacher placed his hands upon my head, prayed for me in the unknown language and then I asked Jesus to heal my knee.

I could feel just a light vibration in all my leg, so I wasn´t sure if it was Jesus what who´d cured my knee or if it was just a kind of pins and needles.“After the prayer meeting, I found out that Jesus ´d really cured my knee. I took up attending this biblical school regularly, but I didn´t believe the director´s warnings who had told me meditations were from devil. Roughly about 12 days after  Jesus ´d healed my knee, I got out of my body during a meditation and I founded myself in a sort of the world af evil and horror I was unable to get back from!

Then I remembered reading a doctor´s article at the mental institution in Goteborg that´d described the most serious kind of the meditation psychosis, where patients didn´t respond to the surrounding world and they were just lying motionless month after month, year after year. I realized that the same thing might happen to my body whilst I was in a much more nightmarish place than the lunatic asylum. I started shouting: Jesus, Jesus , take me away fro here! After a few seconds I had a feeling as if I were sucked back into my body. I haven´t even touched the meditations since…

Later, even former satanist confirmed to me that meditation techniques that are taught by Hindus and Buddhists, and opening of „ the third eye“ are the specialities of the Satanists when they want to establish contact with demons.

I knew what he was talking about because I´d read the Buddhist books about Tibet and it was written that sometimes it´s necessary ten monks to hold a monk, otherwise the evil spirit who´d entered into him could kill all the other monks. However, that monk wouldn´t even have killed an ant from his own will.
I asked people in the biblical school where the pastor, who´d prayed for me, /when Jesus cured my knee/ got such a power.

They answered me it had been when he was baptized by the Holy Spirit. I started going to the biblical school and whenever a preacher said he would pray for those who would have liked to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

I ran forward so that they might pray for me. Although almost all the others who were prayed for, received this baptism without difficulties, I was unable to receive it. I don´t even know how many times they´ve prayed for me like this but without any results! After a few months, some woman who had a gift from God that she had been able to see the spiritual worlds, came to teach at this biblical school. This woman prayed for me to be baptised by the Holy Spirit.

But the she didn´t give up so fast and kept on praying and praying. All of a sudden I could feel a sort of „a ball of anxiety“ that lay somewhere in my stomach / I hadn´t even known that it was there until it moved/. I could feel it moving up to the throat and then the woman said: „ Now, you´ve got it“ and told me that all the mess from meditations ´d had to get out , before the Holy Spirit could enter into me.
On the very next day Jesus started healing people we´d been praying for. For example, a friend of mine /from the meditation meetings/ called me that he had a very serious hernia and couldn´t go to work. He asked me to pray for him to be cured. When he finally opened the door, he was so badly off that he crept on all fours from the front door to the kitchen. He managed to clamber up to the  chair, I placed my hands on him, prayed Jesus and my friend went to work without any difficulties half an hour later. I was told that he didn´t even have to use the belt he´d had before. Then I joined my friends and we went among drug addicts and criminals and we were witnessing a lot of miracles that Jesus ´d done there. A great many of them were healed by Jesus, many of them were given eternal life and others were freed from dependencies!

                                                              Milos Popp, December 2003



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