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I used to be a herbdoctor

Jiřina Ploháková

I started working as a herbdoctor.This kind of work was satisfying and I became well off.My clientele grew and spread not only across the Czech Republic but also abroad.I was convinced my treatment worked….. I used to be a herbdoctor
I´ve been working as a herbdoctor since 1993.I liked this kind of work because it was very satisfying.To be frank with you, I must also write it was very profitable.My clientele grew and spread not only across the Czech Republic but also abroad.People were very satisfied when leaving my office and recommended my services to their friends and acquaintances.I was convinced my treatment worked.
Later on, I began noticing something tying me – I was dependent on the healthy food, colours, clothes, bioresonators, energies Jing and Jang – I felt as if I were in the spiderweb.At that time I started being desperate of my private life.However, my personal bad luck led me even more to other people´s helping in the way I´d been convinced of is the best.
My path of search
I was seeking and I discovered more and more efficient methods of treatment.My energy was so strong that I could transmit it from a distance and people felt the smart, pins and needles in the different parts of their bodies.I diagnosed various sicknesses and disfunctions of the single organs of the bodies even from a photo.I decided on the sort of a diet for the period of treatment, herbal blends, mineral economy in the body – which minerals are short and how to renew them, I made people take yoga exercises, to be dependent on moon and on his cycles, recommended homeopathy, acupuncture and similar Chinese, Tibet and Indian practices. 
A surprising report
I come from an atheist family, that´s why I never knew much about God.Even so, I believed that there´s something out there because I was working with energies and it worked.First, I called this energy according to the Chinese practise – mother Earth and father Cosmos, energy Jing Jang but then I started thinking more and more about God from Bible.I began praying to him, I also made pray those who went to ask me for help.Surprisingly, I found out that my prayer´d been efficient and in addition, it set me free and filled me with a kind of strange peace.But I haven´t read Bible at that time.
This period of life was very painful for me because I was going to get divorced.Then I read a book about Jesus Christ for the first time.I started being in touch with Christians.I was stunned when they were trying to explain to me that the work of herbdoctor is at variance with God and Bible.They said it´s even devil´s practises.I didn´t understand it at all and was seething with anger.It´s me who help people! It´s me who heal them!
Burning my bridges
Diana was also among my friends.She prayed for me and gave me a present as well - Bible.She recommended I should read Gospels from the beginning of the New Testament.I don´t know at all how it happened but I started literally lapping up spiritual nourishment and praying to God Father through his Son – Jesus Christ.I repented and confessed my sins to Jesus.I also made a decision to finish with alternative medicine and I burned all the books and source materials.That´s the way you burn your bridges!
On the next day, my husband moved out and petitioned for divorce.I was desperate – out of work saddled with two kids and housing insecurity ( the house should be sold ),At that time, I prayed to Jesus and told him:“My number´s gone up – my life lies in ruins.My Lord, if you really want my broken life, just take it and if you´re really living, help me.“
A turn for the better
Then started happening uncredible things.I met a family who believed in God and I was given love and understanding by them.I began attending the Sunday divine services and home prayer groups.Once I read the following words in the Bible:“ Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing. (Deuteronomium 7,26).My eyes suddenly opened and I grasped the plain truth about the alternative medicine.At first sight you might think that alternative medicine helps but meanwhile it made them be dependent on various idols ( pictures, colours, food, body, nature, herbalists etc.) God was always with me and opened my eyes.My new lease of life with Jesus Christ´s started.He gave me peace and joy even in those most difficult crises.I think it´s a miracle that I could re-establish relation with my former husband.They divorced us at the end of July and since December I´d found out that Lord God wanted to re-establish our wedlock.I started praying for my former husband.Nowdays we´ve been going steady for some time.
Taking a new lease of life
I don´t say life´s easy and without problems nowdays but I have certainty and firm confidence in my Heavenly Father´s love who promises me not to abandon me and never to disown me.He left this message in Bible not only for you but to all the people without exception:
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.( John 3,16 ).
Don´t hesitate and receive his love.And if you have troubles, pain, anxiety or you are alone / you may be ill as well / offer your life and all your worries to Jesus.If you don´t know how to do it, you can tell him, for example:
“Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for me.I know I´m sinnful. Forgive my sins, come into my heart and give me a new life, please.Amen.“

He knows you and that´s why it´s of no importance what kind of nice words you choose but your faith and sincerity mean a lot to Him.I hope you´ll meet God´s love and your life´ll become full.


                   Jiřina Ploháková, December 2006


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