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I missed a life partner

Anička Kryzstková

….If I experienced so powerful intervention of Jesus, then anybody can experience it as well.Even You.Give your problem to Jesus or the best thing would be to hand him over all your life straight away.There isn´t a better Lord than the one who created you and loves you so much he gave his life for you…. I missed a life partner
Do you have a problem? A difficulty? Are you missing something that you need badly? My life advice reads as follows:Seek God and the matter´ll sort itself out in the best manner.Jesus says in the Matthew´s gospel ( chapter 6, verse 33 ):But seek first God´s kingdom…..
What was my problem like?
No sooner had I started coming of age, I loved the boys,I was crazy about some of them as it is usual for young girls.I craved so that my love could be returned and “the intended” of my heart could marry me and we might lead a happy life until the death.As far as here it wasn´t an unusual girl´s wish.I was just a little bit choosy.I wanted to meet a real prince, so that´s why I was choosing.But nothing unusual either.
However, the time passed and my girlfriends´ve already had first dates then even steady boyfriends and finally they got married.But I haven´t had a real boyfriend except for beautiful dreams, sporadic dates or undignified “experiences”.No real relationship, let alone with that dreamt-of prince but I languished so much for my big love! However, the providence gave me generously in all other spheres of life:I was doing well at school, all round gifted, healthy, interested in everything, everything turned out right for me.I only wasn´t successful in what meant the most to me.As if there were a conspiracy against me.But am I allowed to want to prosper in all spheres of life? I was grateful for my health, for the study… nevertheless, there was something wrong with me. I simply couldn´t be happy.
I finished studying the challenging university with success and as I was still alone, I also chose a demanding job in order to advance “at least” in my profession.”To tell the truth, it was a kind of balm, the work´s problems swallowed me up, the success satisfied me but it was sort of a get-away, a substitute, “a balm”.Until my thirtieth birthday I´ve been positive that I´m going to find my “intended”.I took part in the different social activities.I went with my bunch to the country, to the mountains.I had some foreign penfriends in the hope that I might reach the goal in this way.Well, personally I was trying hard. A certain “handicap”of my searching for the life partner was the fact I was unable of making a pass or making advances to the men and things like that.I was too proud to do it.In addition to that, it didn´t correspond to my idea of the prince who´d find me and he´d want nobody else but me.As time went by, the occasions of meeting someone became scarcer and scarcer, the men were spoken for and I considered unlucky to build my life happiness on the broken marriage.And surprisingly, as the years passed I was paradoxically harder and harder to please.My situation was becoming difficult to solve and I was terribly sorry about it all the time.
And so while some of my friends were divorcing I was looking for my life love.When I was 33 years old I already passed the highest exam in my proficiency.My career flourished and I climbed up the Europe´s biggest mountain and I was successful in my hobbies as well.But I´d like to change this evident life success for a good life partner.For the right one.I couldn´t make compromises in this sphere, it was my feeling and decision.In order not to be pitied by others, I used to say I didn´t even want to get married.There was a bit of truth in it.I didn´t want a husband at any price, I wanted an ideal.
I approached to God all the time.At puberty I made a decision God must exist, failing this the life wouldn´t make a sense.So, I was a believer but live faith appeared slowly.Especially thanks to so many problems.I asked. I sent my requests up and it happened to me more and more often that somebody really answered.Such incredible coincidences which when they occurred one after another, then they couldn´t simply be a chance.And this was the beginning of my relation with God.Well, of course with God of Christianity with Jesus because under the notion of God people can imagine different persons , energies, things….
God really answered me. The more I needed him and had to count on him the more he answered me.In all spheres, perhaps, especially in my stressful job. He only acted as if he didn´t hear me in the domain of seeking the life partner.I suspected him of not meaning to give me “this husband”. …This was also the reason why I was trying so hard to find him,the reason why I didn´t give him over this sphere of life.But still the well- known demand of the Christian life is- Give Jesus all, all the spheres of life, trust him ´cause he´s got the best plan for your life.He created you and loves You so much…in the same way as the most perfect parent loves his child….
In 1995 I travelled through many countries, I met loads of men on my superb holidays, I was a successful and attractive woman …..but nothing again.Perhaps only the experiences of the God´s help and protection were more and more obvious….
Jesus says: “Seek God´s kingdom first…..”
At the end of that year I made a decision and said to myself: “ “My Lord, I´m 34 years old, I was unable of getting the male even on those wonderful and expensive holidays but You´re still standing up for me and taking care of me.I´ll try to devote all the holidays of the next year, the year 1996 to you, I´ll attend first the Christian activities because I can see I mean a lot to you.
And if you don´t want me to marry,then as I know you only because you know I wouldn´t be happily married”. Well, nobody else but God could hear this “oration”.It wasn´t such a heroic handover of my life to God – I knew very well that considering my demands, ideas and my age it´d have had to happen a real miracle so that I could encounter my dreamt-of prince.And only God´s performing miracles….
“Seek God´s kingdom first….”
That year 1996 was the nicest year of my present life.All the Christian activities, I got through, were amazing, wonderful:at the Salesians´, Charismatic Conference, biblical lessons, Renewal in the Holy Spirit, the course Philip….   ,notwithstanding nothing touched me so much as a sort of a course Community organized by a kind of a new Catholic movement, Community of John the Baptist.During this course I personally MET GOD unexpectedly and incredibly.My faith in God´s existence´s finished. I don´t believe God is.I already KNOW THAT GOD IS.
This experience has been the greatest movement of my life.The most beautiful.It´s beyond any description.You must experience it.And if it´s for me, it´s for everybody.So, after all I´ll have a try to decribe it: a huge joy…. enthusiasm…..amazement….What´s God like? I don´t know I´ve got to know so little of him, perhaps he´s terrific, “super”, he goes beyond all our positive ideas….. unbelievable.
The year 1997 started and I really put all my life with joy and confidence in God´s hands.I was still alone without any male partner…but now I was finally satisfied and happy.My personal encounter with God, Jesus convinced me that God himself is sufficient for a human being to be happy.How well-known phrases of the Christian textbooks:It´s very hard to believe if you don´t experience it.
The gospel contains all the Jesus´s statement: “But seek first God´s kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
In this way Jesus´s statement was recorded by the evangelist ( Matthew 6:33 )
And finally first and foremost I really sought God and his kingdom
And Jesus says: “All these things will be given to you as well….”
In March 1997 I fell in love.As already many times in my life.However, this time I ´ve known God wanted it as well.I have never felt it like this before.What will become of all this?
I experienced a period of gorgeous and “thrilling”amorousness.Like in 17 years I thought about: Does he like me? Has he taken any notice of me? It´s nice to be in platonic love with the beautiful “prince”.That year I really enjoyed myself, I kept close by him when I was with my bunch, was trying to know him.I admired his strong points and I hoped he also had week ones so that I could actually live with him if only he would perhaps, by chance…
At the beginning of 1998 both of us admitted we´ve been equally in love with one another.Even more wonderful period of dating´s started.I was 37 years old when I started going out with my first “prince”.He was a little bit younger.This period was also “terrific”.Untill then I´ve thought such a love could only be experienced in seventeen.I was experiencing it twenty years later! I knew my “prince” was given to me by God. He was equally in love as well as me.So, we had no reason to be hesitant about our marriage.
In the middle of 1998 I got married.I´ve got a marvellous husband.The longer I know him the more I´m amazed at where God´s hidden him for me….and he found him…and I´m much obliged to God
And Jesus says: “and all these things will be given to you as well”….
It´s the end of the year 2005. I´m 44 years old. I threw up my job temporarily….I changed my little room at my parents´house for one- family house in another village…I´ve got a splendid husband and three wonderful healthy boys.Little Paul´s six , little Matthew´s four and the youngest one´s going to be two.I´m enjoying the joys and the worries of the maternity leave. And I´m full of greatfulness to God.
Allow me to get back to the beginning of my evidence:
Do you have a problem? A difficulty? Are you missing something that you need badly? Seek God, Jesus.This is my advice that follows from my life experience.Does my evidence seem to be something like a fairy tale, a miracle? Who else than God has “licence for miracles”? Each of us is unreapetable and unique. I´m also unique and extraordinary in this point – but I´m not extraordinary otherwise. If I experienced so powerful intervention of Jesus, then anybody can experience it as well.Even You.Give your problem to Jesus or the best thing would be to hand him over all your life straight away.There isn´t a better Lord than the one who made you and loves you so much he gave his life for you. The congregation of other believers´ve helped me a lot and it´s still helping me with growing in faith. 
The churches are really good at it.It´s difficult to believe in God and to be cheerful when you´re alone.It´s hard to ask for the God Spirit´s guidance and filling.There are a lot of good prayer groups and communities in this country.It´s enough to ask the Lord and look around – after all, Jesus´s going to lead you the best way for you.
Our Community of John the Baptist is also open to all who´re looking for Jesus and need him.
I wish you similarly terrific encounter with Jesus and equally powerful God´s touches    and maybe even more magnificent adventure of faith than this one, to which I´m bearing witness, being full of gratefulness to God.
                                                                                                                 Anička from Těrlicka
P.S.For nothing´s impossible for God…! His marvellous gifts ( see picture ) Thomas, Paul, Matthew

November 2005





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