This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Acts 4,11-12

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How I believed

Tomáš Smítal

But I was taken aback by one thing.By the fact that I was feeling there differently.There was something I hadn´t known.Nowdays I know it was God´s love. How I believed
I´m sending you this evidence about my knowledge of God.I had to write it because I feel it´s my obligation.Unfortunately, I´m a dislexic so I hope you´ll excuse my mistakes.Thanks a lot.

Since my childhood I believed God exists.I even remember to have talked to him.However, in the course of time I forgot about him and I also put him out of my mind.I still believed in him but in a different manner.When I was about fifteen I felt lost in this world.I found the atheist conception of the world as very limited and so I was looking  for the answers to the questions that weighed on my mind.For example, why are we here and what´s the meaning of this world? Then I was very interested in Buddhism and devoured its ideas.It was only partly satisfying.And once when I was about seventeen I met my friend who is a believer.He showed me the Bible and I had opportunity to look at this great „Book of books“.I had great respect for this book.

I knew there was something big in this book.My friend´s mother noticed my respect and interest in Christianity.And so she started to evangelize me.I still didn´t  understand it somehow as it was difficult for me to read the Bible.It was written in a very complicated language.One day she told me about a Christian Oasis in Pilsen.Italiens founded it and they´re praying there.And she persuaded me to go there with her but I was afraid that it could have been some sect.My family is atheist and so I was brought up in the spirit of distrust in such gatherings.But once I decided to go.And it was the best and the most important decision that I´d made.When I arrived there and saw plenty of people who were singing and putting up their hands, I had a feeling I ended up in a sect.I had fear and didn´t feel good.( Nowdays I know the devil was fighting a losing battle ).I was confused but I was  taken aback by one thing.

By the fact that I was feeling there differently.There was something I hadn´t known.Nowdays I know it was God´s love.And it drew me back to Pilsen.I want to express by this article that I thank God VERY VERY MUCH.He saved me from my scared life and gave me hope and love that I´d missed in my life.Although there are moments in my life when I feel lousy I know I´m not alone at these moments and I´ll never be alone because Jesus is my friend.The life with Jesus is especially about the personal contact with him.Nowdays I´m living the life full of joy and internal peace.People from my neighbourhood can see it and ask me why I´m still in a tremendous mood and why I´m laughing.And all I can tell them is that it´s Jesus´s fault.

Tomáš Smítal, November 2006

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