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He was shining like the sun!

Markéta Herková

On that evening I lay down to my brother´s bed, was awake, was lying on my back and looking at the dark ceiling.I was pretty down in the dumps.I remember communicating mentally with someone but don´t know anymore what it was about.I remember telling someone ( I didn´t believe in Jesus ) :”Reveal yourself to me.!” At that moment a beautiful and dazzlingly shining figure appeared above me…. He was shining like the sun!
I was baptized in the Catholic Church as a little baby.They took me to the church only occasionally and from habit.Nobody was trying to explain to me what it was all about.For example, who is God, who is Jesus, what´s that white Host that the others receive.I was only told I wasn´t allowed to receive it because I hadn´t attended religious education.My parents simply didn´t want me to.I had a smattering of the Lord´s Prayer and Hail Mary but didn´t know what the Scripture meant.I didn´t understand the Bible nor sermons.   

I stopped going to church because it didn´t attract me.When I was about to come of age so I got entangled with a bad bunch of friends.First I started regularly drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and then even weed.Once in a blue moon, I inhaled or ate a hard drug but it was rather as an experiment.I wasn´t living decently.


When I was sixteen I fell in love with a friend from my bunch but he didn´t care about it.He wasn´t a good person and his intensions were malicious.Fortunately, it came to nothing but I´ve been unable to stop thinking of him for at least half a year.Nobody from that group was a good person.I met lots of people who didn´t have a good influence on me so I became withdrawn and started being a recluse.I stopped taking drugs and drinking immediately.I wasn´t addicted to it.I was only smoking tobacco, sitting on the benches outside and writing poets about my inner feelings.I was always looking for someone who would be like God although I didn´t believe in him.I named him Kaha and I called him in spirit.This period lasted six months.Exactly these six months I was secretly in love with that man.Six months before I had the apparition.
The new school year started and I was silly, uppish and in love.I didn´t feel good at school and shun my classmates.I was flamboyantly dressed daydreaming and thinking of that man I´d been in love with.My classmates didn´t like me because I was different.I was scarred by my previous way of life.There was a radical change.
On my seventeenth birthday I bought a doggie and precisely on this day my older brother ( he was my senior by four years ) committed a suicide.I was withdrawn into myself,unhappily in love, my life didn´t make any sense because I´d lost my brother.I didn´t want to live.
On that evening I lay down to my brother´s bed, was awake, was lying on my back and looking at the dark ceiling.I was pretty down in the dumps.I remember communicating mentally with someone but don´t know anymore what it was about.I remember telling someone ( I didn´t believe in Jesus ) :”Reveal yourself to me.!” At that moment a beautiful and dazzlingly shining figure appeared above me.It was dressed in the garment down to its feet.It had long and loose sleeves.Its eyes and everything on it were shining.Magnificent and utterly strong gold glare was blazing from all parts of that figure.It penetrated me in such a strong manner that I was strapped to my bed as if I´d carried the load of thousands of boulders. I had such a feeling that it was countless times stronger than the pressure of centrifuge.There wasn´t any darkness but bright dazzling fantastic gold light that emitted from that figure that looked like a human being.However, I didn´t see its face but only the contour of the head with hair because its face was enveloped by the light radiating from it.I saw it as if from a distance.
I´m looking at this very strongly blazing figure of the human and suddenly I was gripped with fear.In spirit I bowed respectfully to this blazing figure of the human and it waved its hand to me from below upwards.I understood that it´d accepted my bow and I stopped bowing.I carried on looking at that figure and immediately at that moment something twitched in my stomach three times.It was an individual state.In the matter of time I know it were my inner sins.The sin is a voluntary and deliberate breach of the Ten Commandment that I didn´t know then.Nowdays I do.There was nothing aching in my stomach but it was only kind of a feeling of breaking something.When I was looking at the figure of that human which appeared in its glory you couldn´t hide your sins, your own faults or anything from it.After this inner twitch, the figure suddenly disappeared in less than no time. It went away so quickly as it came.In the twinkling of an eye.And I was staring at the dark ceiling again.In the end I got to sleep.
My memory was deleted.I forgot all about this event for a year because after my brother´s death I experienced a deep mental strain.I attended school as usual on that year after the apparition.Nevertheless, I wasn´t feeling good because unhealthy relationships grew stronger either at school and at home.I used to shun people since I suffered a lot in my heart and I also had some health problems.A few times I came across my friends from the bunch and even that bloke I´d been in love with. Once I went to the disco with them but fortunately, I stopped taking drugs and completely stopped drinking alcohol for at least 3 years.Then I drank only occasionally but didn´t want to give up smoking cigarettes.
I regained my memory approximately after a year and I mused about what I´d seen.As I was feeling lousy I gradually started praying God to help me.I called this figure “Holy Spirit”that had appeared to me because I heard that word somewhere in the church.That person struck me as very saint.The death of my brother, previous events, the way of life I lead and people I´d mixed with marked me.The shock I´d experienced caused me some health problems.
I prayed the Lord´s prayer….and Hail Mary.I heard these prayers in the church one day.It was very very difficult for me but I was tenacious.Thanks to praying God I gave up smoking cigarettes.God gave me strength through my prayers.Generally speaking, he gave me clairvoyant dreams, the will to withstand everything and persist in praying and doing good deeds.

After a year or so I was given the Bible from my deceased friend´s mother and began reading it.It dawned on me that what I´d seen at the age of 17 was Jesus Christ...!!The Bible says about this apparition.I was mostly convinced about the fact that it was Jesus by the passage from the Bible, John´s Revelation:1:13-16.I quote:And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire.

And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.And he had in his right hand seven stars; and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.”I read it for the first time only two years after the apparition! Otherwise you can also read in the Bible about other apparitions: for example, gospel according to the Matthew 17,2:3, then according to the Mark 9:2-4, Luke 24:13-49, John 20:11-31, John 21:1-14 and other passages in the Bible.For instance, in the Old Testament there are various forms of God´s apparition to Moises and so on.Of course, the revelation to Saint Paul is also very interesting: Acts 9:3-5 and others.

I also decided in favour of the Catholic Church taking into the consideration that I´d been baptized there and my parents had lead me to the Catholic churches.I studied the Bible as an autodidact.Then I was examined and enlightened by the deacon and after the first confession, when Jesus had forgiven me all the sins committed during all my life up to now ( six days before my twentieth birthday ), for the first time I´ve received Jesus Christ during the Mass in the Host.That white host, that white blessed wafer that I was forbidden to receive at one time.

Then eight months later, I received the Holy Spirit from God, that is, the sacrament of confirmation.I received lots of gifts and graces shortly before and after this sacrament.After some confessions I could feel Jesus´s presence in my heart through his love.I was illuminated ( and lit up ) by God´s light that I felt inside and outside my heart.Then I felt the closeness of God directly and heard his soft loving voice but this apparition was the strongest one I´d ever experienced.I was also tormented in various ways by the evil spirit ( demons or fallen angels ).I appealed to my guardian angel for help ( an angel like a God´s messenger ) who really helped me and supported me spiritually.Some Christian exorcists and I were trying to find a solution to it and I stood the test.Once I went to church every day but I don´t anymore.It doesn´t matter.It goes without saying that I was and am coming through trials.My state of health isn´t still all right but fortunately, it´s improved.I even got married to the practising Christian.


All in all, I must say that if you are sincere and really want to follow Christ ( gospel Mt.5:8 )
deny yourself, carry your cross, worries and follow Christ then you´ll obtain plenty of gifts, graces and God´s protection as well.It is about trusting God.
I´ve considered myself as a practising Christian for approximately eleven years.Since the age of eighteen I´ve been praying God.I´ve been constantly following Christ, attending the worships, Masses and reading the Bible since nineteen.I pray every day and can see that Jesus is with me.
I love Him and He loves me.

Markéta Herková, February 2010



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