And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12  He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
1 John 5,11-12

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He cures

Inka Melzerova

… more than twenty years have passed since the moment in which the Spirit spoke to me…..during all those years I experienced plenty of cliffhangers, losses, confusion, divorce and my son´s hard drinking…yeah, in those difficult moments there were doubts and apostasy from God but nowdays in spite of the fact that I´m losing my sight and having cardiac troubles because my doctor failed to treat my boreliosis I praise the Lord for disclosing his identity to me and for being so good.I believe he keeps on leading me…to his Kingdom…
Dear brothers and sisters,
I happened to come across this web site and would like to share with you my own encounter with God…..

I grew up in a village in Valaško region where the burglar could break into all the houses because except for the disabled everyone was in the church three kilometers away.Then I became a student and I thought that God was the part of folklore of the old people.I even read in a Russian philosopher´s book that only the one who is weak needs God.At the university there was a student from Lesotho where people are being persecuted by apartheid – he told us that he can see his mum only through the fence on the state border ….he was nice but I was amazed when I found out that he was also a believer.


Then I started suffering from kidney tuberculosis according to the medical reports.When they told me that I wouldn´t live long, my friend and I went to have some cognac at the café.There I met two mountaineers who talked me into climbing.And so I climbed the mountains and it might have been the reason for founding myself at the Hnojový dům in Jizerské Mountains where various expeditions of climbers and exploreres gathered during the communist regime.There I met Aleš Jaluška, Hussits pastor and his wife who was the pastor of ČCE ( Czechoslovac Evangelical Church ).Plenty of young people and I went to his rectory to have a rest.He was an authority for us and there it was for the first time when I realized that faith could lead to the active interpretation of life……
My family background wasn´t very good.My mother was having medical treatment at the psychiatry and it was quite difficult to get on with her even in the normal life.My father was a drunkard who had dissappeared from my life when I was ten years old which was a good thing since my parents often came to blow at home and the blood ran.It was horrible.Nobody was interested in what I had gone through as a child….
My relatives went to church but only „went“ and it was all.Their usual question was if I was doing well at school, nothing more.Although I´d already known Aleš who I could respect and who tried to lead me to God, I was very far away from Him and I didn´t care about the faith.Then I got married, my pregnancy ended in two spontaneous abortions and five years later I experienced a complicated delivery of my son.In addition, postdelivery blues, untreated psychosis, troubles with my mother who jumped out of the window as a protest against my wedding.I was at the end of my tethers.

Aleš recommended me to read Psalms but I wasn´t interested in them.Then I happened to come across Job and he stroke the right cord.After the thyroid gland operation I needed twenty-three pills to survive each day.I decided to invite all of my relative to say them good bye ( I forgot to tell them I hadn´t been sleeping for ten days ).It was Friday and my mother-in-law and I went to queue up for some meat as it was usual during communist era.


Suddenly I could hear:„Go to the St.Micheal´s church.“ It was either a thought or a voice and so I gave my mother-in-law some money to buy something for me and went to church.This was the church where I went to admire the barocco style as a student. It was the only one whose name I knew.
There God spoke to me – if you wish to believe in me I´ll heal you…YEAH, I WISH! And I was crying and crying.It was for the first time when someone wanted to help me for free…..Approximately forty days I was „told“ what to eat, as if the electric current came through my body, I lost my weight but I was full of beans and – I was able to work without medicines!!!Hallelujah!You can take it from me that the Lord cures NOWDAYS as well!

Inka Melzerová, March 19, 2011


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