Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
Isaiah 49,15

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God´s waiting for your permission

Pavla Genzerová

…Here I offered all my life to God and He lit up the little light within me that´d hardly shone…. God´s waiting for your permission

I was born in the believing Catholic family.Although I lived my childhood and youth when the communists were in power, I was surrounded by my relatives, believers and friends.I didn´t understand until adulthood how much the good ambience´d influenced me.After finishing the secondary school, I started having my first job ( I was eighteen ) and I encountered the team of completely atheist people.We discussed the faith in God together but they didn´t follow me and conversely, I didn´t comprehend their approach to the life.Some were making a mock of me and others invalidated my faith very harshly (especially they couldn´t stand the Catholic church).I prayed a lot at that time and studied various religious books to be able to reason with them.It was only there when I realized that the life in the church became banal I took the teaching of the Catholic church for granted and didn´t think much about it.I experienced my first conversion during these three years spent in this team.I grew out of the so-called childish faith and I began answering my own questions – Why do I believe in fact and what am I getting at? And God was with me.

About two years later, I got married and had two children.We started having worries not only about our children but also about the house and there wasn´t time for anything.I was still going to church and praying but I was living my own life where God wasn´t so important.I didn´t need Him when I was happy and satisfied.

 After about six years of our marriage my husband and I started having worries over my health, our children´s health and there were other problems as well.Especially my daughter´s health trouble weighed on my mind and when I´d already tried almost all that was humanly possible but without any effect, so I gave up and my husband and I knelt down on our kneels.Since I was desperate, we asked God sincerely and truly to help us.Since that day something´d changed.I started praying more and I went to church with pleasure.I even went to church on weekdays ( to that day I hadn´t had time after all ).During a few months my daughter´s health trouble were sorted out.In six months at the end of the summer holiday 2000, I found out that I wanted to get even closer to God because my relationship to Him was still wishy-washy.I made a decision to take part in the spiritual renewal ( after about 8 years ).I didn´t know where I should go but what attracted me most was the Course Filip in Kromeriz.I´d learnt something about it earlier, so I called the number that I´d found somewhere and I was told I could come in a month´s time. Here I offered all my life to God and He lit up the little light within me that´d hardly shone.My heart was burned with great love to God.When I got back home from this course, I was above all the problems and my heart shouted with joy.I began to attend the prayer group that was focused on the Holy Spirit Renewal ( before the beginning of this course I didn´t want to go there although I was given the opportunity ).During this year even the problems of our matrimony started sorting out nicely.

It´s more than a year ago.It goes without saying that I´m not saint I don´t levitate and I have my “bad spells“ again.However, there´s something in my heart that shines and it can´t be overlooked.Our prayer meeting helps me a lot and keeps this God´s light shining within me.In this way God helps me so that I wouldn´t think just of myself but see the needs of other people as well.I wish all people found out that they can´t manage it all by themselves and they need God for their lives.That´s why I´m calling on all of you who haven´t received Lord Jesus in your heart to do it.Tell Him that He is your Lord and offer Him your life.He can´t come into your life by force.He´s waiting for your permission.

Thanks God and your prayer group for everything.Stay with God.
                                            Pavla Genzerová from Zlín, February 2002

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