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God touched me so much that I burst into tears

Marcela Vašíčková

Then for some time I was searching lots of answers to the questions but the greatest experience that Jesus is living is linked with the film….. God touched me so much that I burst into tears

My name is Marcela Vašíčkova and I´m 28 years old.13 years ago, I started being interested in the meaning of life.I was incapable of putting up with the fact that there is NOTHING after death.

In 1991 there was some religious freedom and people talked more about faith but in 1989 it was mainly sects that lured people by their offers and hand-outs in this country and I entered  into German correspondence with one of them that resided in Austria.After a two-year correspondence with this sect ( I didn´t distinguish between a sect and a church, there was only one God, one Church and one teaching about God for me ).

Well, after this correspondence I came to the conclusion that there is certainly life after death, there is God and what a great God! Even though it was the sect that had told me a thing or two about God they were my first apostles.There weren´t any other ones neither in my family nor in my parish because there was no church in the place where I lived.I only got to know what the parish was when I began talking nonsense about God and my mum sent me there so that I could get some idea about it.There was Maruška Kristýna ( she´s become a nun nowdays ) and she explained to me that what I was reading wasn´t Christian teaching.

Then for some time I was searching lots of answers to the questions but the greatest experience that Jesus is living is linked with the film JESUS – a story according to the Luke gospel.At that time I was touched by the Lord´s word so much that I burst into tears.After this sorrowful journey from the sect to the Church my younger sister and I have started attending the parish chapel since around 1991-2.We´ve experienced nice and friendly atmosphere.The church of saint Wenceslas with the chapel of the saint Agnes of Bohemia has been standing since 1994 in my village ( its name is Hustopeče ) and I hope I´ll never ever renounce my faith if only for the reason how frustrating was fumbling and seeking the questions about the meaning of my life that is God for me – the love for Him and for my neighbours.I believe and I hope to stay in love and peace for good till the end.I wish peace and good to everyone.

                                                                  Marcela Vašíčková, Hustopeče



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