But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.
1 Corinthians 15,20

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God takes care of me

Alena Dvorská

…I knew that God accompanied me during all my journeys and took care of me but I never experienced so strongly God`s protection and salvation like then…. God takes care of me

I surrendered my life over to God in 1994.I`ve been trying to perceive Him in my everyday life since.Some days I succeed more other days less.He begins to speak but it only depends on how attentive I`m to the silent God`s voice.Once he spoke to me by the events that I`d like to describe in a greater detail.Weather permitting I usually ride a bicycle to work.It`s not far away as I only cross the town but it`s much more dangerous.In the mornings and afternoons lots of cars swarm out and everyone is in a hurry.So, if you aren`t careful enough an accident happens very easily.Once it came about that I entered the crossroads.I was riding in the through lane and changing lane.I was riding straight at my own pace while a car was overtaking me and started turning right without having any regard for me so, I was nearly swept away.

If I hadn`t jumped down my bike and stopped it must have run over my legs.At that moment I realized what it could have happened and I knew that God had saved my legs.Another time I rode along the road and the driver in the car that was backing overlooked me because he didn`t look at the rear-view mirror.He happened to stop 10 cm from me.I again realized the powerful God`s help and protection because this time it wasn`t only about my legs.

I`ll mention another story.I crossed the road directly in front of our house.It`s quite a blind place.I walked along the zebra crossing and suddenly a car rushed from the curve.The driver must have seen that I was in the middle of the road but he didn`t slow down at all and rushed straight at me.

I took to my heels and had a narrow escape otherwise I`d have been “squashed”.In all the cases I was shocked and realized that only small thing could change our life and the life of our nearest and dearest.However, at the same time I realized that if I surrendered my life entirely to God I was in His hands and didn´t have to be worried about anything.I knew that God accompanied me during all my journeys and took care of me but I never experienced so strongly God`s protection and salvation like then.I know God has the power to give or take away my life and wants to assure me that he has the power over everything and without His knowledge and permission even a single hair from my head can`t be lost. ( See Mt 10, 29 ).
My Lord, Thank You that I can belong to You.

Alena Dvorská, nám. Míru 1205  

Kroměříž, 39 years old                                                                                   



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