But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.
1 Corinthians 15,20

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God´s taken away my grudge against my neighbours

Jaroslav Koudelka

I´ve never felt so fresh and strong like here in the presence of the Holy Spirit…. God´s taken away my grudge against my neighbours


I´ve already experienced 4 or 5 spiritual retreats including this course Filip.I´m 47 and have been Christian since my childhood.My parents´ve lead me to have a nice relationship with Jesus, God and Holy Mary.Nevertheless, I was rather doubtful about my faith when I came of age.My father died when I was fourteen and I simply didn´t get on with my mother so well.She simply didn´t understand my problems that were accumulating.When I got married, my wife and I had to leave my house and set up a new one.However, the problems from previous years were unsolved.My brother who took charge of my old mother and house wasn´t on good terms with me.The situation got worse.I didn´t see him often and didn´t even think of making it up with him.Since certain time I started suffering from gastric disorder and other conditions – duodenum, backboneache,headache,urinary tracts condition, buzzing in my ears that started in my childhood and hasn´t stopped until now.

Since last December I began being ill but the treatment was unsuccessful.In March 1998 my brother-in-law Zdeněk told me about the course Filip.Despite being ill I went to Kroměříž the same month.P.Alvaro Grammatica lead this gathering with prayer for internal healing and liberation.I was impressed by it and at least I felt better mentally.

In April 1998 I wanted to report for work but suddenly my duodenum started bleeding internally.It was rather large loss of blood.I remained in hospital for 7 or 8 days and my wife was just in Medjugorje where I should originally go as well.

In a week I got so much well that they even sent me back home.and I took outpatient treatment.The doctors said I´d been in a very serious condition when I´d been admitted.

After the outpatient treatment and the final check-up physicians were most satisfied.There was only a little scar left but no ulcers.Before being examined I went to the meeting with P.Alvaro in Kroměříž in June.During the Holy Mass that followed the prayer for healing I could feel completely healed.

Approximately a month ago my friends from Hustopeče invited me to the course Filip I and my wife put down our names for.Unfortunately, she didn´t take part in it on grounds of health.
The course Filip was the best balm for my body and my soul.I´ve never felt so fresh and strong like here in the presence of the Holy Spirit.I was trying to be united heart and soul with those people who came here because of the renewal of their souls as well as the fantastic organizers whom Holy Spirit encouraged in this way.
I thank Holy Spirit and all of you who played so important role in this crucial thing.In conclusion, I´d like to say that I´ve lost all the grudge against my neighbours.
                               Jaroslav Koudelka, Hustopeče u Brna, October 1998

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