But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5,8

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God cured me

Ludmila Kohlová

I had a strange dream.Suddenly I found myself at the end of the big crowd.In front there was a figure.It was one but simultaneously they were three of them.It was glaring and radiating enormous infinite love that….. God cured me

This story happened eighteen years ago.I was twenty-four at that time and I had two little children.One was six months and the other two years.I was tired and sleepy all the time but I thought it had been because of looking after my little boys.Shortly after the Chrismas I caught a severe tonsilitis and then I was feeling even worse for a few weeks.I wasn´t feeling well.The red spots started to appear on my legs and soon afterwards, even on my hands.I looked like a mottled hen.I went to see doctors and underwent various check-ups but they were at their wit´s end.The cause wasn´t found and I ended up in hospital.

On the next morning they took my blood sample.However, two days later the nurse told me they´d have to take another blood sample because the ampoule vanished.I unwillingly agreed because I was feeling very bad.When on the next day I asked a doctor what wrong with me was and how long I´d have to be here she just shrugged and said:“Be happy because you´re here.At least you´re going to take a rest from the children.This is a good place for you.“ But I wanted to be at home with my children.So I signed the refusal form of medical treatment and went home.Before my leaving the hospital the doctor gave me harangue that I gambled with my health and I should see my least once a week.When I came back home it was a shock for everyone.My mum gave me a dressing down and told me that I had two children and in this way I´d lose them because I wasn´t having medical treatment.I didn´t care a hoot about it.I never liked the hospital and since my childhood I´ve programmed in my head that I didn´t need it.

Then I began to ask God for help subconsciously.I started to go to church once a week but it was no consolation for me.I didn´t understand the priest´s sermon because it seemed strange to me.I took a fancy to the song Jesus Christ was born and it kept ringing in my ears.I got Chrismas carrols and played this song over and over again.I believed that it couldn´t be the end of it all.I must stay here so that I can bring up my children.They need me after all.
One afternoon when I put the children to bed after lunch I lay down as well and fell asleep immediately.I had a strange dream.Suddenly I found myself at the end of the big crowd.In front there was a figure.It was one but simultaneously they were three of them.It was glaring and radiating enormous infinite love that permeated through all my body and I couldn´t have had enough of it.At the same time I could hear fantastic´ve never heard it before.I didn´t feel like leaving that place.However, the shining figure waved me away.It was time to go off.At that moment I woke up feeling happy and full of energy.Since then I witnessed my sickness to go away slowly.When I bent my head the yellow liquid began to run out of my nose.I think it were remainders of the illness.During approximately two months my state of health improved and I was completely well even without doctors!
In conclusion, after my discharge from hospital I didn´t see any doctor and didn´t take any medicine.Only one packet of the vitamines called PANGAMIN.That´s all.Exactly in February 2002 ( some time has passed since my cure ) I was reborn and accepted Jesus as my Saviour and the Lord. I surrendered my life over to him and started to go to the congregation.The pastor had nice sermons and suddenly I understood that the truth is in the Bible.Nowdays I´m a worshipper and I believe with all my heart and LOVE with all my heart!

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