But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5,8

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From Buddha to Jesus

Stanislav Macák

And then it happened.I don´t know how but out of the blue some flame came down to the flame of the candle and it was enormous.It was about fifty cm tall, approximately two or three cm broad…..This flame covered all the candle.I was scared out of my wits because the flame went with some roar….. From Buddha to Jesus

I´ve already written one testimony on this portal.It was about my path from Buddhism to the Christianity.But there´s another evidence I didn´t tell you about.Firstly, I thought if I was going to publish it, nobody´d believe me and it could only harm me.Nobody´d believe how much you can sin after the baptism of the Spirit.However, I must write it.The Holy Spirit pushes me into doing it.I´ve been feeling it for long. I´d like to talk and write about this matter.

What´s the point? There were two interesting stages in my past when I fully confessed Buddhism and later Christianity.Phases like that.As a pundulum.The period when I confessed Christianity fully includes April 1999 – October 2000.At that time an event occurred and I´d liked to describe it in my testimony:

Dear friends, I´d like to share my second testimony with You although it should be  the first one in the view of the time when it happened.My first evidence is about my path from Buddhism that´s published on this page and is entitled “Liberation”.
When I wrote, it I hid the point that God´d shown me million times before I became Buddhist that he loved me so much.But now the actual evidence:

In Sepetember 1999 when I was feeling a sort of unease and tremble I realized that the Holy Year, the year of the Big Millenium would come in a few months.In April I fell off my bike and the weird thing was that I´d just blasphemed against Christ on the cross about half an hour before and told him he he´d had to suffer for his bad Karma deeds by his crucifixion.But then I came down to earth again and started dallying with the idea that Christ existed after all and I wouldn´t blaspheme against Christ anymore.

In a month´s time  I was in a great physical pain nevetheless I managed to play at the graduate concert of the conservatoire in Žilina.In June my mummy and I
were at the High Tatras and there were a couple of copies of the New Testament and salms for free,so-called Gideons.I was reading especially the gospel of saint John all the summer.In particular I was touched by the sentence Jn 14,20 “At that day you shall know that I´m in my Father, and you in me and I in you”. ( Jesus says ).I was mesmerized by it.I began saying this short prayer over and over again.Actually,I was at the period of beginning to receive and confess  Christianity.One day in September I found the picture of the shroud of Turin in a magazine ( PLUS 7 DAYS ) that represented All the body of Christ from front and behind.
At that time my life was just composed of writing love letters to a pianist,reading the gospel of John and watching the flame inside the oil lamp.I groaned to God very much.If you exist, my Lord, Be in me as you were in your apostles, please.I´ve been repeating this for hours and hours.

When I finished my first year at the university of Arts and Music, I started literally locking myself up into my room and adored only the shroud of Turin, I was still alone and I literally asked God for being in me like in the apostels all the time again and again,either it was in Nova Bana where I´d inherited my uncle´s little house or at my father´s in Lutila by žiari nad Hronom.God is in us in the similar way as he was in the apostles, see Jn 17,21.,but I didn´t believe it at that time.I kept on repeating my supplication.

When the new school year was approaching I intensified my supplications.Once I put the photo of the shroud of Turin on the chest so often that it was completely soggy by my sweat.At that time I heard the voice.------Now I´m in You and You in Me!-----
However, I didn´t attach too much impotance to it, I thought there were just thoughts in my head.In about two weeks I adored Christ again in my chamber in Lutila.It crossed my mind to light a candle and to adore its flame like Christ instead of  the shroud of Turin that I hadn´t had.

And then it happened.I don´t know how but out of the blue some flame came down to the flame of the candle and it was enormous.It was about 50cm tall, approximately two or three cm broad.It was the old wax candle from my granny about 80cm tall.This flame covered the whole candle. I was scared out of my wits because the flame went with some roaring.It recalled me of Studenovodovské waterfalls but as if their volume were amplified many times.I got a terrible fright and although I spoke Hebrew during the adoration: HAKODESH HAKODESH HAKODESH EL JHWH EL JEHOSHUA MASHJAH EL RUACH HA KODESH EL OLAM EL ELJON EL ADONAJ JISREEL, that means Holy,Holy,Holy God the Lord Jesus Christ God Holy Spirit God Eternal God The Highest Lord of Israel, I became dumb and I started just talking: Jesus Christ, Save Me!!! The fire burned for about ten seconds and I could hear the roar.Suddenly, it came to my mind to bow to that fire.I bowed and the fire dissappear.Only the candle burned and the candle end proved the fact that it wasn´t my mirage.The flame burned about 70cm of that candle in 10 seconds, there was only a 10cm candle end left there.“The normal“ flame wouldn´t make it.It wouldn´t manage to burn 70cm of the candle in 10 seconds.

Something strange happened to me.I was terribly scared of the flame before but now I could feel indescribable peace and joy within myself.I didn´t feel like moving at all.I breathed with joy and I was beaming with happiness.I´ve never experienced a similar feeling of happiness and peace before.If it had been possible, I might have remained sitting there till nowdays but a friend of mine came to give me a book back.I gave it to him.When he´d left I thanked God for the Grace I´d experienced.I didn´t doubt anymore that God – Jesus was inside me, I have already known and felt it.I was very happy.On next day I went outside the church and I gave two thousand crown notes to the children ( about 2700 Slovac crowns ).I gave away my mum´s cut diamont brooch and allowed them to play my musical instrument that´s worth two hundred fifty thousand crowns ( oboe ).My parents thought I had been drinking because I was overjoyed and prattled them about something.

I arrived at Bratislava and although there was just dalailama in Slovakia I didn´t go to see him, there was no reason for this.I was very happy.It was all the same to me because The Lord of the Lords and King of the Kings was in me and He was my God.I broke my studies and started riding my bike around the dam by the Donube every day.
But then happened something that I´d prefer keeping it to myself.A very good friend of mine of whom I thought very highly redescovered my interest in the Buddhism and since my parents and I were very influenced by him I ended up accepting his ideas – but there´s also God there after all, but this was also created by God  after all ---and I took up going to the Buddhists´place instead of going to church.Nowdays it seems so inconceivable for me how come that the devil could seduce me again but perhaps it was necessary.
Jesus told the sister J. Ménendez it wasn´t horrible when you sinned provided that you came back to the God´s - Jesus´s chest and you tell him:”Forgive me, my Lord!”, so the Father and Jesus´ll forgive us with joy and pleasure and will love us even more.He added that people like that were more impeccable as their fall had been forgiven and God loved these people even more than if they wouln´t have sinned.
I had to go through what I´d already had to go through in those years of my Buddhist affiliation so that I might be able to get the others out of the tight corner.

This may be all.- I´m very thankful to God for loving me so much for his rescuing me not only twice but hundred million times from the shackles of the devil and the world.I´d like to testify that those who´d received the baptism of the Spirit and then they sinned are still very much loved by God.You can see how I´d sinned and what followed next and you can also see that God´s found me again and loves me.I´ve been feeling that kind of  peace after the apparition up to now and nothing was able to smash it not even the thing that I´d served demons.
Moreover, I´d like to add that saint Tereza from Avila and P.Pio determined the authenticity of the God´s apparitions according to the fact that if they´d been rather afraid during the time of the apparition and then they were filled with peace, so the apparitions were from God.If they had experienced too much peace during the apparition and then they felt unease and longing, the apparitions weren´t from God.

Let the Grace of Jesus Christ be with all!!!

                                                         Stanislav Macák, August 2007


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