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Freed from the bondage of alcohol

Táňa Šebestová

However, alcohol didn´t help me either.Finally I tried to commit suicide and with cold blood I stabbed the knife in my stomach.If it weren´t for my neighbour who called for help quickly I wouldn´t surely be here…. Freed from the bondage of alcohol

Firstly I´d like to thank God and all the people who helped me both from KMM and from the Teen Chalenge in Pilsen by writing this testimony.The Lord´s changed my life.I was born in Slovakia and was living in a small village near Bratislava during all my childhood.Nonetheless, it wasn´t very happy.My parents were drunkards and alcohol took all their scruples. My father punched me brutally for every trifle but also for no reason at all.They spent most of their money in the pub and so I ate only slices of bread with onion.I had to steal something in order to have some snack at school.I always waited for my father to be drunk ( which wasn´t so difficult ) and then I took a couple of crowns from his wallet so that he shouldn´t know anything.At the age of fifteen I told them I didn´t want to see them again and was really determined to do it like this.

I hated my parents and so I often went to see my granny.Her house became a new home for me.My granny only wanted me to accompany her to the church but I stayed there only for a few minutes.Then I hurried to play soccer with the other boys.When I saw how alcohol and religion influenced people I made a decision that I´d never be like them.I was going to engage in sports and lead a regular life.

After finishing the studies at the Coal Academy and becoming a successful sportsman I started to work down the mine in Karviná.There I found out that the Bible is truthful when it says that bad company corrupts the character.Until my nineteen I´d never tasted the alcohol but everyone drank there so it didn´t last long for me to become one of them.

Nonetheless, I lead a happy life and when I was twenty-four I got married.

At that time the miners were on the highest salaries and so my wife and I had anything we wanted.However, alcohol and bad company began to tighten the noose around me.
During short time I wasted all my spent money ( there were really pockets of them ) on fruit machines, alcohol and women I´d cheated on my wife.

However, there was a radical change in my life when I had a car accident.I crossed the street and was slightly drunk.I didn´t notice the car approaching to me quickly.I survived the car accident by miracle but I was incapable of knowing if I´d ever walk.During all that time of my course of treatment my wife didn´t even come to see me and when I went to the physiotherapy I received the petition for divorce.And so at the age of thirty-two I didn´t have only broken legs but also a broken heart.


Suddenly I didn´t have anything to live for so I started drinking more and more.To tell the truth, there wasn´t a day when I was sober.I even started to take other drugs ( but I didn´t „like“ them much and so I rather stuck with drinking ).Nevertheless, alcohol didn´t help me either. Finally I tried to commit suicide and with cold blood I stabbed the knife in my stomach.If it weren´t for my neighbour who called for help quickly I wouldn´t surely be here.

When my wound was healed I was sent to the lunatic asylum in Opava.I´ve been to plenty of departments but they didn´t help me in any way.When I was discharged I started drinking even more.In order to calm my quivering body I had to drink something in the morning.I stopped looking like a human being, I stopped behaving like a human being.I didn´t care where I was living, what I got dressed, where and how I was going.

When I first came to the congregation KMM there was a conference taking place there.It goes without saying that my appearance leapt to the eye – my beard as well as my hair were so long that they ended at my belly.In addition, I was dirty and ponged so much that it must have been very unpleasant for the present people.Nevertheless, thanks God there are people here who aren´t discouraged and who´ve helped me.They helped me to go to Pilsen where the Christians are taking care of the drug addicts like me.Here in Teen Challenge people were ready to help me and so I could experience the true God´s love and know God who loves me and really cares about me.

   Vojtěch Korič, June 2003

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