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Fear of death has turned into the joy of the eternal life

Martin Kapko

At that moment He himself appeared.I´ve seen Jesus as the light in the darkness.He was full of peace and kindness.He himself amswered my question:“Believe in me and you´ll have eternal life. Fear of death has turned into the joy of the eternal life

Although I´m only an ordinary man something unusual happened to me.I survived a terrible car accident.It was a narrow escape.My car was completely broken.However, I escaped almost unscathed.


It was a terrible shock and miracle at the same time.Straightaway I realized that I was so close to death.Nonetheless, I didn´t know what would occur to me if I really died.But I knew one thing.I didn´t have a clean slate.I´ve made lots of mistakes.I didn´t always tell the truth.I appropriated what wasn´t mine and so on.I simply didn´t have a good conscience although other people didn´t know about it.I was afraid of leaving this world because my secret ( apparently insignificant ) sins weighed on my mind.


I began looking for the answer to my question:“What will be after death?“ I knew about eastern and western philisophies but it seemed to me that the Bible ( Holy Scripture ) says the most about it.And so I bought it and read it.I found out there is lots of wisdom there and was trying to live properly and to do good deeds so that I didn´t end up in hell.My mind was the only problem for me.There was an unease and different evil thoughts in my heart and I was unable to chase them away on my own.
One evening I talked to an acquaintance of mine.It was a normal conversation.But he asked an unusual question:“Do you believe that you are saved?“I was a little taken aback.I didn´t know at all what he was talking about but I wanted to look innocent and righteous.And so I told him I did.And then our small talk went on.

On the following day I woke up with this question:“Do you really believe that you are saved?“ And all of a sudden the passages from the Bible crossed my mind that said that lots of people´d been saved during this earthly life immediately after they´d believed.that Jesus died for their sins and was raised from the dead.And so I asked myself a question:“Is it really sufficient for me to believe in Jesus so that I was rescued from hell and had eternal life? Do I have to do any religious deeds?


At that moment He himself appeared.I´ve seen Jesus as the light in the darkness.He was full of peace and kindness.He himself amswered my question:“Believe in me and you´ll have eternal life.“These things´ve filled me with amazement.It´s easy and brilliant at the same time.And so I´ve made a decision:“I believe in You, Jesus.I repent my sins and receive the forgiveness and eternal life“.


After this experience I was able to chase away the evil thoughts and the unease in my heart.I´ve acquired the abilities to think freely at any time about how fantastic the encounter with Jesus was.I don´t claim to be suddenly perfect.But when I pray Him he gives me more and more freedom and strength to overcome the everyday temptations and unease.Later I understood that he´d died on the cross for our sins because he loved us.And so I was very pleased and thank Him with all my heart for his immense love.I´m strongly convinced that it´s that true, faithful and unconditional love.
Outwardly I´m quite an ordinary man.I´ve got my job, home and family.However, there´s an extraordinary peace and joy in my heart. I believe and I´m glad that Jesus has already paid with his blood for our sins and has given me the eternal life.My soul is rescued from fire hell and eternal death.I´m happy because I know that God loves me and I´ve got the certainty in my heart that even if I died I´d live with Him in heaven forever.

Jesus became the Lord of my life in 1995.Lots of difficult moments happened in my life.And he helped me in those moments when I needed most.I convinced myself of the fact that he has really power to change the circumstances and people.That´s why I give evidence that God is good and faithful.


Every human being even the hardest one is longing to be loved and accepted as he is - without merits or other conditions.Jesus has fantastic love and acceptance for every human being.He forgives everyone that admits sincerely and regrets their mistakes.Do you feel like inviting Him personally today so as to become Your powerful Saviour and Lord?

Martin, 02/62315937, Bratislava, December 2003



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