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Even in politics God can do only what we allow him

Ludvík Šojdr

In a way politics concern me more than anyone else and that´s why I do care about how much room the only parliamentary Christian party in this country gives to God.So, I had a try at telling publicly my opinion and testimony to some members of KDU-CSL party before the pre-election congress in Vsetín…… Even in politics God can do only what we allow him
God wants to be active even in politics…

In my experience I know that God wants to speak into all spheres of human life and into politics as well.It goes without saying he does so indirectly because without his will absolutely nothing can happen.Neither Mr.Paroubek ´s hair nor Mr.Topolánek´s one can fall from their heads without God´s will.Of course, God doesn´t like thousands of these things but he allows them to happen but we don´t understand them – wars, concentration camps, maltreatment of small children because we don´t accept the fact that life doesn´t end with death ( the opposite is true but it isn´t what I want to write here about ).In a passive way God speaks into politics ( as well as into other spheres of life ) but he also wishes to speak actively.First and foremost actively.Nevertheless, he can do it only through those people who allow him.In this regard God´s power is restricted here on earth.In a way he decided to do only those things in this world that humans´ hearts allow him.

God didn´t always choose the greatest, the most beautiful and erudite, the strongest and nicest people in the history of the mankind for his activity.Nevertheless, he always chooses people who were willing to rely on him and put him in the first place of their lives.For instance, the king David.

Although he was tiny among his friends, God chose him.I´ll keep it short.David went and killed Goliash.He went with his bare hands alone.He had only a sling to fight against Goliash who was armed to his teeth with his warriors.In addition, Goliash mocked at him and denigrated his God.However, David didn´t walk in his strength and didn´t seek his interests and ambitions.He didn´t implement his desires and ideas.He went to implement God´s plan that God entrusted him in his heart ( including the courage to carry it out ).Since in David´s heart God´s Spirit dwelt and reigned.He dwelt and reigned because David allowed Him to do this.David was full of Holy Spirit…That wasn´t only power and arms but motivation,wisdom and king David´s courage…
The small challenge for those who could understand what I´m talking about

Dear politicians of the people´s party.When you find your king David among you one day, so you´ll walk at the head with him and kill Goliash.And you´ll manage efficiently to root out all the evil that doesn´t serve the human being but only personal interests of individuals or groups.And believe it or not you´ll succeed although there will be only a small trickle of you in the Chamber of Deputies.No, those things I´m talking about aren´t humanly possible and don´t look for any human solutions in the way you´ve been trying so far.

There´s one condition.First allow God to root out of your hearts all Goliashes of personal ambitions, ideas and desires and fill them with God´s Spirit.The condition is to start living your faith in God´s grace and not in your own strengths as I write about it from my own experience ( see below ).

Let God finally make you stop looking for enemies from Right or Left in your own ranks and open Your eyes so that you may see the greatest enemy that is

Goliash ( without exception ) in each of us …

When you let him kill, you´ll be gradually capable of doing incomparably more positive for your surrounding and for the society.I want to believe and I have hopes that for a start there will be at least one among You who´ll lift up the sling of the king David and begins the neccessary change.

I wish you to have light of God´s Spirit into your own darkness and neccessary courage to allow God to change your own life.
P.S.What I´m calling you on is no utopia but a completely real fact that I venture to substantiate on the strength of the personal experience of a man who lived 4 different ( each in its way ) stages of life.
Here´s my personal experience:

1.I lived without God until the age of 24.The characterization of this period: I did what I liked ( in relation to the God´s commandments and law ).

2.I was looking for God.When I was 24, a real cliffhanger occured in my life that literally made me think about the meaning of life and I started looking for God.I´d say that this period was a gradually growing effort to live according to God´s ideas.

3.I believed and lead the Christian ( Catholic ) life with all „consequences“.I went to worships and started receiving sacraments.Then, I was trying to obey the Ten Commandments and attended prayer meetings and prayed.I thought this was the essence of what God wanted from me.I´d characterize this period as my trying to live from my own strengths what God tells me through the mouth of Bible and Church.I have to observe that in spite of great effort and ascetism ( regular fasts ) my efforts were often unsuccessful.If I´m looking around me it´s the way in which the bulk of Christians are living their faith.More or less unproductive efforts to live the life of faith that doesn´t impinge on the social life.God has tied hands.His plans don´t exist.( Translated into politics – God is dead )
4.Since I´ve heard about it and I´ve wanted it, I experienced so called rebirth from the Holy Spirit and I gained the personal relationship with God.That´s not just faith but it´s an internal conviction difficult to describe that God really exists because you experience his concrete action in your life you experience his love and especially deep change in the desires of your heart and change in the motivation of the action.It´s a situation when God himself modifies you and he gives you desires to act as He wants him to act.So, now you needn´t ( you aren´t slave of some commandments ) but conversely you long to do in your heart what God wishes.It´s a change of life from inside in which you have only one share – you allow God to implement this change.Of course, you have to cooperate with it ( but you actually want it and long for it ).In practise you carry it out in this way – you tell God seriously ( or if you like it you keep on telling him through Jesus to become the Lord of your life to rule over your heart…You also open to the Holy Spirit and invites Him into your life.I´ve had this experience for about 20 years and I could exemplify with lots of concrete examples in which way God changed my life.It goes without saying it was with my cooperation but He always triggered it off.He always anticipated my mainsprings.If I should characterize again this period so, I stopped living my faith and relationship to God from my own strength ( to be a slave to some rules and regulations ) and started living it absolutely freely from God´s strength ( it´s also called a mercy ).In relation to some religious rules I swapped something that I had to do for something that I started LONGING to do.To do God´s will completely freely that God put and also keeps putting in my heart in the form of the strong longing. ( Translated into politics again: God is given space to act in the heart of the man and He can influence noticeably the life of the society. )

I have to add that my case isn´t extraordinary ( that I´d have been granted an extraordinary grace ).In actual fact, I haven´t met anyone in my life who God ( when the person in question allows him ) treated in a different way.Simply said: There´s nobody whom God ´d refuse the rebith from the Spirit.

Finally, the apostle John writes it very clearly in his gospel (John, chapter 3 )….and he even gives it as a definite condition for the life of believers.God simply made it up very clearly – without being reborn from the Spirit it´s not possible to live your faith successfully nor it´s possible to see God´s kingdom ( see the Jesus´s dialogue with Nicodemus John 3,3).It´s a different matter that also Christians en masse are striving for it since in the end I also “wasted“ my faith in a similar way for a few years.However, God´s meant it otherwise.And he´s meant it and means it otherwise apart from other things in politics…..He who has ears let him hear!

I thank you for the patience till the end and wish you much happiness from the Lord
                                                                                  Ludvík Šojdr

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