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Drugs attracted me

Marek Kolouch

Then my parents went on holiday.My bunch and I moved into our apartment and in addition, I invited two drug makers.They were producing both pervitin and opiates.But you know what happened? My mum returned from her holiday a day earlier… Drugs attracted me

My name is Marek Kolouch and I was born 25 years ago in České Budějovice.Externally,our family looked very satisfied but the opposite was true.

My father was alcoholic and my mother couldn´t bear it psychologically.When I was fifteen I started going to the discos.As my father often went to the cottage at the weekend so before long I was allowed to go back home early in the morning.My mum didn´t care about it because it was sufficient for her to know where I was.At that time I started smoking weed, drinking alcohol and getting entangled with girls.I was member of a bunch and we attended various discos and clubs.After trying marihuana for the first time I began being more and more interested in the drug culture.I read a few books about the life of drug addicts.Their lifestyle attracted me because there was something different in them and especially whenever they liked they could enjoy drugs.

When I was about seventeen I began to realize that I needed more in my life.At that time I attended the training of apprentices for cooks and tried to set myself apart from the others.Little by little I began to degrade myself.I wrote poems about the death and from time to time I also thought of suicide.I was listening to the rock music that reflected my thoughts.Nothing satisfied me.I changed girlfriends very often, went to the discos and my life wasn´t very good.At the age of eighteen I finished my school and started working as a cook.I drank and smoked weed more and more.Shortly after, I became crazy about the dance and electronic music and my friends started changing as well.A few months later I found out that marihuana and alcohol didn´t satisfy me anymore.I agreed in my heart to taste other drugs.

In June 1996 I joined the army where there was such a bunch of drug addicts there.So in a short time smoking marihuana became a common thing at the barracks.I tasted pervitin for the first time when I was at the house party and then I realized I wanted it for ever.It was fantastic.The feeling of emptiness, which had been in my heart for a few years, suddenly disappeared and I had a feeling everyone had understood me.Since then I´d been searching high and low for pervitin whenever I was on leave.I was still feeling great and thought everything was hunky-dory.A little later I started bringing drugs into the barracks and began taking them several days in succession.Until then I took them only at the weekend.At the end of my service I ran away from barracks in order to buy drugs.I got a well-paid position thanks to them.Finally I was put in jail for seven days for being A.W.O.L.When I returned to my parents´ place they´d already suspected something but couldn´t prove it.So I joined my bunch and we kept on taking drugs.At home I just slept and ate.Sometimes I stole something from my parents because I didn´t work and needed some money.Then I took drugs almost every day and my problems multiplied.
Then my parents went on holiday.My bunch and I moved into our apartment and in addition, I invited two drug makers.They were producing both pervitin and opiates.But you know what happened? My mum returned from her holiday a day earlier and saw everything.I ran away from home otherwise my parents wouldn´t have left me in peace.Four days later I returned and told them I wanted to do something about it.At that time my parents were divorced and my father didn´t drink for a year.When I was waiting for my friend so that he might take me to my parents ( I wouldn´t have managed it by myself ) the police detained me and took me into custody.There I spent seven months and was placed on probation order.There I also believed in God.

Then followed the unsuccessful treatment in the asylum.Unfortunately, I started taking drugs again.But I was also in touch with Teen Challenge in Pilsen.In a short time I could commence my stay because miraculously I ended up with a full detoxication..

In a month´s time I surrendered my life fully to God´s hands and by having done that my character changed radically.Suddenly I knew I would never be alone and that feeling of emptiness vanished.God was working and has been working on me hard.At the Teen Challenge I started to change thoroughly.Sixteen months later I went to drug abuse prevention centre and during first months I helped to repair the house for new clients.I also found a girlfriend but in a few months we split up.In the end I worked as a cook at the Teen Challenge.God was still working on me and last autumn a brother offered me to work at the Centre of Christian help in Pilsen which is the centre that´s the part of project of Teen Challenge in the Czech Republic.I´ve been finding my feet in this new job since the beginning of the new year.God sent me a girlfriend and I´m very thankful for it.After a few months of our relationship we decided to get married.So we start saving and arranging all kinds of things.God´s blessed every crown that we´d saved and it can be said that we had just one-third and God blessed us through various people so we could pay everything concerning our wedding and in addition, we could defray the rest of our debts. And so I got married to the marvellous spouse in September. At the same time I started to finish the secondary education by correspondence course.

Marek Kolouch, June 2003, Pilsen




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