Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.
1 John 5,1

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At full blast with Jesus

Martin Kozohorský

The life with God means to start living properly.Don´t deal with mediocrity.The life with God means to throw the brick on the gas and leave it there.Only with God you can get the best out of your life!.. At full blast with Jesus

Let me share my testimony with you.It´s about what God´s done in my life and what he carries on doing.My name is Martin Kozohorský.I´m 23 years old.Originally, I was growing up in Dobříš.Nowdays I´m in Prague.I come from the normal atheist family ( or if you like it from the believing family but God was the last thing my parents had believed in ).I was brought up as a normal boy.I went to school normally.I didn´t go to school normally.I obeyed my parents normally.I didn´t obey my parents normally and like this I scraped through my life.


In the course of time I found out that my life didn´t have the clear object.There were people around me who had their own aims.It was the career for someone.It was money,music, girls or drugs for someone else…However, I noticed that these people were dissapointed by their lives.I knew that if I wanted to be happy in my life I had to look for something else than the unhappy people.Nevertheless, I knew one thing.I knew I was capable of doing anything to be happy.


Never was I able to do things by halves.Never would I be satisfied with living my ordinary life on my own.I didn´t like the superfluous things,dissimulation and pride.I needed something real, true, simply something I could be positive about now matter where and when.


I´ve seen the Christians around me.I´ve seen the atheists in the mirror and could compare their lives with mine.I´ve seen they´ve got Someone and something that fills them in their lives.I´ve seen that I don´t have someone or something that fills me in my life.Only one day it sank in.I knew that cash, abilities nor background from which they´d come didn´t make a difference.It was JESUS.All my being started longing for God.

At eleven p.m.I ran to my brother´s place and cried all the way long.I´ve never done this.The living God´s touched me and tears welled in my eyes immediately.Before arriving at the door of his flat I wiped all of them so that they shouldn´t notice anything.The moment they opened the door I started crying again.But I couldn´t help weeping.I told him I needed God!!! On that night it started.We called the pastor Thomas from the Church Christian congregation Dobříš and at about one a.m. I asked Jesus into my heart and professed him to be the Lord of my life.Finally, I experienced the dreamt-of fulfilment….

I started to be happy and to smile.I found out the real happiness.I´ve created the happiness by many different ways before but it always wore off.Nowdays I´ve had the source of pleasure within me.Being happy isn´t enough you have to be overwhelmed by happiness and that´s why you need to come to know Jesus and give him your life.Jesus loves you and longs to fill you with everything you´ve missed so far.Experience God and start living with him.Maybe the last thing that prevents you from doing this is the fact that you don´t know you can.God is waiting for you with open arms.He is waiting for you to jump and fling yourself in them.The Bible says:“ Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation“ ( 2Cor, 6, 2)
This is my testimony about how I got to God.Nevertheless, there are many other testimonies.Every day I experience the unique encounter with God.Every day I experience the irresistible God´s presence.Every day I experience the new encounter with my God.
Now listen to me carefully:“God is someone who wants to act in your life as well.He´s wating for your simple expression of desire for meeting Him.God is longing to turn your life into the paradise on earth.Just trust him!“.
Lots of people think that Christianity is a crutch for someone who is considered “a nitwit“in this life.In reality, the life with God means to start living properly.Don´t deal with mediocrity.The life with God means to throw the brick on the gas and leave it there.Only with God you can get the best out of  your life!
Jesus Christ´s changed my life like this.However, there are many other life stories showing clearly that Jesus Christ keeps on changing the lives of people on the whole planet Earth.
Martin Kozohorský, Prague, April 2003

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