For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3,16

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Another daddy

Táňa Šebestová

Dear friends, I´d like to share with you how I came to believe in Jesus Christ and how He changed my life.Ever since I was a child I´d been growing up in the infant institute and then ended up at my parents but I went through bad times there – they quarrelled every day.My father beat my mother because she slept around with other men.We were also reduced to poverty and there was often nothing to eat.
No wonder that the social welfare office took me away from my parents and since I was seven I´d been put in the children´s home.
Another daddy

However, I managed to escape on the first day of my stay there – despite all those things happening at our place I was determined to go home but I was detained by the police and handed back to the children´s home. So, I´d had a very bad name since the first day. Furthermore, I was wounded by seeing my father, who learnt that I´d run away, shouting at my custodians for having guarded me badly. I immensely hated both my father and my mother and was hard put to adjust myself to the regulations and life in the children´s home.I became a rebel and a loner and in addition, I just saw and heard my guardians disliking me and slandering me.

When I was 17 they wanted to send me to the sanatorium in Muglinov where mentally defective or handicapped children were looked after.All my guardians considered me as someone who had to be monitored.My case ended up before court where I said I wanted to leave my parents´ home once I´d be eighteen.I longed for the freedom and that´s why I didn´t care about the fact that I wouldn´t finish my studies.

 And so, finally I left my home at the age of eighteen.I got five thousand crowns that I´d spent on alcoholic beverages during two years.In the end my granny invited me to her place but the situation wasn´t very different from the one at my place.The point was that other relatives were living there – 3 uncles and 2 aunts.There was always a tense atmosphere here and wild quarrels were the order of the day.
I didn´t know at all what I should do.I was searching for quite, joy, peace and freedom but I couldn´t find it anywhere.It was only one day when my granny told me to go to see a Giorgine in the office KMM.Giorgine ( the then secretary of KMM ) treated me very friendly and finally I could have a bit of chat with someone who really listened to me and understood what I went through.In 4 days I believed in good news about Jesus that Giorgine had told me and so, I surrendered my life over to Jesus Christ.
I received His gift of the eternal life and what´s more God began taking care of the physical sphere.I found a hostel from God´s mercy where I´ve been staying until now.Since then, I´ve been living with the Lord and getting to know how the Lord is good how He looks after me and how He cares about me.I believe that He´s able to take such a good care for you as well.


Tonda Tancoš June 2003


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