I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
Revelation 21,6-7

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Mirek Huňka

Jesus was simply there

Mirek Huňka

I thought of ending my life after being drunk for 39 days in succesion.I came to the pub, had 12 beers and a litre of vodka,said goodbye to my colleague who´d repeatedly persuaded me to stop drinking and who didn´t understand my behaviour at that moment.She thought I´d bid her farewell and go home… read the whole testimony »

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Vilém Řezáč

How God stopped the express R 740 because of me

Vilém Řezáč

I leaped at the chance plucked up my courage grasped my travelling bag and ran towards the door.All of a sudden, the train almost stopped – it could travel at about 2 – 3km per hour.I opened the door and got off in a leasurely fashion.It was about 150 metres behind the station.I managed to slam the door behind me and immediately after the train started picking up speed again.I turned around and all the passengers were staring at me as if I were a fool but nobody said anything:-) read the whole testimony »

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Jana Peléšková

Encouragement in our lives – the course Filip

Jana Peléšková

And the problems arose right after my arrival at home.My daughter and father-in-law were in hospital.The Chrismas was almost here but the promised job nowhere.And I coped with all these things so easily for the rest of the month that nowdays I´m still astonished…. read the whole testimony »

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Kopečná Marie

To have God´s love in your heart

Kopečná Marie

But there was pride, selfishness and envy in my heart. I didn´t realize that I was doing lots of things that God didn´t want from me and that actually I was doing everything on my own but I didn´t ask at all whether it was his will. read the whole testimony »

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Iveta Chmelařová

Through the course Alfa towards Jesus

Iveta Chmelařová

I worked out my own horoscope, was able to find out according to my name and date of birth what my life´d be like.I was mesmerized by fortune-telling from cards.Everything was logical and peaces of the puzzle fitted into each other.I wasn´t absolutely aware of how terrible those things are… read the whole testimony »

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Lenka Grymová

Jesus opened the door of my heart

Lenka Grymová

And Jesus came again.This time the joy´s run through all my body.The joy of the fact that Jesus will again stay in my heart.Love – Jesus opened the door of my heart. read the whole testimony »

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Hana Bartozelová

Jesus asked me for forgiveness

Hana Bartozelová

Jesus adresses me asked me for forgiveness and I couldn`t understand that God loves me so much.Out of the blue I`ve seen my horrible misery what I`m like and how I`m living…. read the whole testimony »

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Pavla Genzerová

The path to God´s closeness

Pavla Genzerová

I want to encourage all of You who´d like to enter into the close relationship with God but you simply don´t know how.Actually, it was also my problem… read the whole testimony »

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Olga Tomaštíková

I´ve received the gift of prayers in tongues

Olga Tomaštíková

The course Filip enabled me to experience the moments of close proximity to God and to the Holy Spirit.I was also given the grace of receiving the gift of prayers in tongues… read the whole testimony »

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Helena Klíglová

Encounter with the living Jesus is a tremendous experience

Helena Klíglová

….Knowing his great love enabled me to comprehend some things more deeply….. read the whole testimony »

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Pavel Tříletý

Then I believed and surrendered my life to Jesus

Pavel Tříletý

…And so my life is happier.What I have to do about it is „only“to let God love me…. read the whole testimony »

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Pavel Tříletý

It´s better to encounter living Jesus

Pavel Tříletý

…I´ve been brought up in faith since my childhood but my faith wasn´t very firm…….this year I´ve taken part in the course Jonathan where I experienced the real encounter with Jesus… read the whole testimony »

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Pavla Genzerová

God´s waiting for your permission

Pavla Genzerová

…Here I offered all my life to God and He lit up the little light within me that´d hardly shone…. read the whole testimony »

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I experienced the indescribable GOD´S LOVE

Marie Číčalová

I´ve been given the biggest present there.I experienced GOD´S LOVE in my heart.So tender, profound,infinite and forgiving LOVE…… read the whole testimony »

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I didn´t expect anything and received a lot

Josef Zetík

I was under the impression that I was in the community of the first Christians, in the atmosphere full of peace, love and brotherhood… read the whole testimony »

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Das Erlebnis mit lebendigen Jesus

Anna Vlachová

Das war kein Plätzchen des Langweiles aber im Gegenteil des inneren Freude, die ist nichts zu beschreiben.Ich erhielt auch Gaben des Heiligen Geistes – die Gabe der Sprachen… read the whole testimony »

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Struck by the Holy Spirit

Marie Turková

The Holy Spirit is creating a great work.Things should happen after our hearts´ve opened and they really started to occur…..First of all, in a soft manner, then…. read the whole testimony »

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God answered me

Miroslava Srncová

At the course Filip I realized my own sinfulness but I was even more assured that God loves me no matter how well or badly I was doing. read the whole testimony »

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The course Filip – the way towards the living Church

Libuše Plná

The course Filip is priceless for the people nowdays Nobody relaxes in the church like this.At home people are busy or don´t have the favorable conditions. read the whole testimony »

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Jesus calls and brings us close to each other

Anna Němá

….this knowledge and feeling brought joy into the hearts of the presents.The peace and blowing of the Holy Spirit started to show intensely…. read the whole testimony »

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The experience with Jesus

Eliška Matyášová

Then I got up but outside it was still dark.It might have been about four o´clock or half past four.What I was feeling defied description.You must experience it.It was fantastic….. read the whole testimony »

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Jaroslav Koudelka

God´s taken away my grudge against my neighbours

Jaroslav Koudelka

I´ve never felt so fresh and strong like here in the presence of the Holy Spirit…. read the whole testimony »

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Marie Konupková

It´s God whom we should thank

Marie Konupková

………it was a time when I could experience the fact that I´d obtained of plenty of mercies and Holy Spirit´s gifts……… read the whole testimony »

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Jana Kameníková

After the death of our son

Jana Kameníková

….I´ve never heard and experienced so strongly the praises in tongues and the presence of the Holy Spirit.The enormous joy´s remained in my heart. Nowdays I read the Scripture every day and suddenly I perceive the people around me in a different way…. read the whole testimony »

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The experience with living Jesus

Ludmila Hyánková

…It wasn´t the place of boredom but it was the place of inner joy that defied any description….I´ve also received the gifts of the Holy Spirit – the gift of tongues…. read the whole testimony »

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Bohumila Hudečková

Jesus was among us

Bohumila Hudečková

…. Mentally I´m still living in this splendid congregation where we enjoyed ourselves because there was Jesus Christ among us… read the whole testimony »

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My faith was half-hearted

Ivana Holíková

….I read heard prayed but it wasn`t it.It went past me.It wasn`t sincere…. read the whole testimony »

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Jesus is the living Lord

Hana Dočkalová

I knew God loves me but I haven´t experienced it anywhere like in that place… read the whole testimony »

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The picture of Jesus fell on me…

Zlata Agbabová

The picture of Jesus fell on me….. read the whole testimony »

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Marie Foltýnková

I was deaf but I can hear

Marie Foltýnková

…..Here I got to know God in Holy Spirit who poured these feelings into my heart that I´d never experienced before.I´ve made a new start in life because I was propelled by love, God´s mercy and joy of my own salvation. read the whole testimony »

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Helena Juhaňáková

I´ve experienced the living presence of Jesus

Helena Juhaňáková

…..Only God saw into my heart.One evening I told Jesus I was at the end of my tethers. I could feel I was approaching the abyss and asked Him to help me….. read the whole testimony »

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