Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.
1 John 4,15

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If you give someone your time, you give him a part of your life that he will never be able to give You back. Your time´s your life.That´s why time is the greatest gift you can ever give someone. Time



To those who are loved by God.
We can measure the importance of the things by the time we´re willing to put into them.The more time we put the more evident is that it´s important for us.The psychologists´re saying: if you want to find out what important for someone is, then just look at the activities he devotes his time to.
Time is the most precious thing that you can give because you´ve got just a limited quantity of it.For you can earn more money, but you can´t earn more time.
My brother or sister,
if you give your time to someone, you give him a part of your life that he will never be able to give You back.Your time´s your life.That´s why time is the greatest gift you can ever give someone.
The best way of writing the word love is T-I-M-E.
The essence of love doesn´t consist in what we´re thinking of other people.Nor in what we´re going to do for them.The essence consists in what we ourselves give from our heart.
Diamonts, roses or chocolate aren´t the most demanded gifts of love.
The most demanded gift is a fixed attention.Love is so much focused on the other one that at this moment you forget about yourself.The attention says:“You´re of so much value to me that I´ll give You the most precious thing that I´ve got – my time.“ My brother or sister, whenever you give your time, you bring a sacrifice and this is the essence of love.Saint Paul explained it in this way:“Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God“.( Ef 5,2 ) And Jesus said:“Love each other as I loved You.“ Nowdays we could also put it this way:“Have time for each other as I had time for You.“
You can give without love but you can´t love without giving.“For God so loved the world that he gave……“.Love means that you´re giving up something because of someone.You´re giving up what you like, you´re foregoing your comfort, objectives, certainty, money, energy or time.
Love is the most essential thing and that´s why it must be a priority for us.Bible keeps on repeating it:Love each other.Do good to all as long as there´s some time…..If it´s within your power, don´t refuse to do a favour to those who need it. Don´t say to your neibours when you have it on you:“Go and come back again we´ll give it to you tomorrow.
Why is exactly this moment best time for loving? Because you aren´t sure whether another opportunity presents itself someday.Circumstances are changing.People are dying.
Children are growing Tomorrow is too uncertain.If you want to show your love you´d better do it right away.
Since we do know we´re going to face God one day, we should think about the following questions: How do you explain that your projects or things were in certain moments more important for you than the people? Who should you begin spending more time with? What must be left out in your programme so that you may have time for it? What will you have to sacrifice?
The best way of using your life is loving others.The best expression of love is time.The best time is to love right now.
Dear brother and sister, I´ve got a suggestion for you.Each morning, when you wake up go down on your kneels at your bed or sit on it and say your prayer as follows:“My Lord, whether I manage to do something today or not, I´m only interested in spending this day by loving You and other people – this is exactly what the life is about. I don´t want to idle this day away.“
               Borrowed with a kind permission from a Kroměříž parish priest, July 2007

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