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The garlic soup

Hana Pinknerová

When you eat the garlic soup you stink of garlic.We expect a cook to be fat, a doctor never to be sick, a hairdresser to have always a perfect hairstyle.And we can´t imagine the blacksmith´s mare without horseshoes. The garlic soup

When you eat the garlic soup you stink of garlic.If you busy yourself reading the papers all day long you´ll announce only news as a reporter.If you watch sloppy films, you´ll speak and act like their heroes.If you are at home all day long your vocabulary consists mostly of the interjections.

If you mix with boors, you often use swearwords.If the occupation „teacher“ is written in the box of your form everyone may well guess it from your patronizing attitude.If you work as a chimney sweep there´ll always be some soot on you.If you keep on reading the same book you´ll soon start to use the connotations and set phrases of this author.

When you eat the garlic soup you stink of garlic.We expect a cook to be fat, a doctor never to be sick, a hairdresser to have always a perfect hairstyle.And we can´t imagine the blacksmith´s mare without horseshoes.

All your behaviour reflects what you´re filled with.In the Bible it says how the Lord of the Host imagined that his people´d be fed with his laws and commandments:

“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.“

Well, yeah, but how come?We fix with magnets another verse on our fridge every week and we learnt it with our children by heart.In my kitchen there is the old terrible kitchen unit with small iron doors.

During opening and closing it makes a terrible noise but you can write with felt-tipped pens.I cook every day and so this space is defaced with remarks, ideas, outlines of short literary essays, revelations, quotations of the verses…my family knows what I´m busying myself and what´s crossed my mind when making lunch.Sometimes we have some main verses written on the door of that room in which when you sit you look at the door.From time to time someone puts a beautifully written ( and goal-oriented ) verse on the interior wall of the door of my wardrobe or on the screensaver of our computer.

That´s right, anyone might have it but to tie God´s word on your hands?Once a friend of mine gave me a bracelet made with her own hands.She´s covered a stripe of tin with light leather and then she´s stuck little leaves into artfully arranged pleats.The fruits of the Holy Spirit are listed in small print on them.It´s inspiring.I like wearing it where I suppose I´ll have to wait.I feed my Spirit ( and check out how the fruits of patience and meakness grow ).
How do you recognize what am I nourished with? I think God´s word changes my way of  thinking.I value things differently.At the beginning it´s less headlong at least.I can stop and think if this or that situation doesn´t occur within a larger context than I´ve been able to see.I can see more clearly that I´m ridiculous without His Spirit.I can identify my pride more quickly.I´m getting accustomed not to speaking more quickly and more than I can hear.I also ask very often:“God, what do you say to this?“Something that quite recently we learnt with children by heart usually runs through my head.I fix my attention on the goal – on the heaven and eternity.I believe that this causes the Word of God.
Eat the Word of God and you´ll smell with Jesus.If people take you for Christian you´re expected to be one of them.

Hana Pinknerová, Brusinky, publishing house Postilla 2003, May 2007


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